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MobFarmHelpers (MobFarmUtilities) is a Minecraft mod which adds tools for making mob farms. It currently supports 1.16 and 1.18 for both Fabric and Forge (Forge version is here). 






  • Fan to move mobs around
  • Item Collector to pick up the loot
  • XP Collector and Liquid Experience
  • Slaughterer to kill mobs automatically while also receiving XP




Fans can push entities to the direction it's facing and can also be upgraded.



  • Width: Iron ingot * 4
  • Height: Redstone Dust * 4
  • Speed: Feather * 4
  • Distance: Sugar * 2


Crafting Recipe:


Fan Blade:

Item Collector

Item Collector can collect all the items around 10x5x10 and will be stored inside its inventory.


Crafting Recipe:


Experience Collector:

Experience Collector will collect all the xb orbs in an area of 10x5x10. The collected xp will store in the machine and will drop out if the block has been mined. 


Crafting Recipe:


Upgrade System

You can upgrade machines to get a better efficiency. Scroll up and down to select the upgrade and use left click to upgrade (make sure you have enough materials!) and right click to downgrade (make sure the slot has enough space). If multiple materials are supported, it will show one by one (the tag will also be displayed). 


If you have mined a block with the upgrades, materials will be dropped.


Redstone Modes

You may notice that redstone can control the machine. There are 3 modes in total:

  • High: Active if powered
  • Low: Active if unpowered
  • Ignore: Ignores all redstone signal and keep active


You can change the mode by clicking the button on the left top corner. 


Made by yzl210 aka 6LeoMC

Textures/page by TEMHOTAOKEAHA