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Never resort to spending the night in a dirt hole ever again!


When you first enter the game, you will be gifted a Chunk Protector. This block will immediately teleport invading mobs away from you, so that you can gather resources in the day and build through the night. Even Skeleton arrows and Witch potions are nullified upon entering the border of safety!


Of course, there's a catch. Every day, the Chunk Protector will decay a bit. After a few (configurable) days, it will vanish without a trace. Hopefully by then you'll have built some walls!


 Later, you can craft the Area Protector. This block won't go away, but instead of an entire chunk, only protects a small area around itself.

Area Protector recipe:

 Area Protector recipe


Check out the configuration file, there's a lot you can tweak about this mod!


Please report issues through the GitHub issue tracker for the mod, available through the link near the top of the page or by following this link.

Do not report issues in the comments.

Don't be afraid to submit any suggestions you may have as an issue! I'll be faster to deal with suggestions if they are in the issue tracker.