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This is the forge version of the mod. For the fabric version see here


You like mob battles?

Do you want to know which mob is the strongest one? If so, you sure came across the problem

that only a few mobs have the properties of get the attention of others (namely skeletons).


This small mod takes care of that by adding item which will help you in creating (and maintaining)

mob fights. This is meant to be played in creative mode. It is explained ingame, how to use every item.

This should work on every mob, which can fight back. With other words: Every fight possible can be done with this mod.


Items this mod adds:


Mob Stick:

Make 2 mobs fight each other


Mob Stick Group:

Make a group of mobs fight another single mob


Mob Heal:

Heal a mob back to full health


Mob Kill:

Kill a mob (no command typing etc anymore!)


Mob Effect:

Remove every potion effect from the selected mob


Effect giver:

Give a mob a potion


Armor Editor:

With it you can edit equipments from mobs really easy


Mob Mount:

Stack mobs without command and on existing mobs.


Mob Army:

Add mob to a team, opposite teams attack each other and ignore everything else.

It uses minecraft build in scoreboard so you can join a team too. Mobs in same team can't hurt each other if friendlyfire is off.


Mob Equip:

Makes mob able to pickup items without manually giving it to them.


Extended Spawnegg:

Mimiks a normal spawnegg. Naming that spawnegg will spawn a mob in a team with that name.

Can spawn any mobs, in contrast to vanilla spawnegg.


If you have more suggestion feel free to tell them to me.


Known problems (and not really fixable):

- Phantoms only attack once: This is cause phantoms constantly resetting their attack target

- Slimes only deal damage to player or iron golem. This behaviour is hardcoded

- Summoned mobs: how summoned mobs behave is entirely up to the mod they are from. There is no way of telling what mobs are summoned from who/which mob.



For questions or help join my discord:

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