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Welcome to my second mod: MiscStuff.


This mod is a collection of random ideas I can have.



° XP block: a cool way to show off the levels you got (comes in stairs, slabs, nuggets and ingots forms).

° A way to alloy end stone.

° A way to craft end portal frames.

° A wand to manipulate crafted end portal frames.

° Necrotic bone meal/block: 'cause why not?

° Brew-able potions of levitation and wither.

° A tweak with the enchanting table recipe (can be disabled).

° A bookshelf-less way to get a mending moss from Tinkers Construct (can be disabled).

° Curses: Binding, vanishing (like in vanilla 1.11) and fragility (damages any held item/worn armor).

° A curse table to get those curses (mostly useful in multiplayer).


Recipes (warning, loooooong list):

Cursed Diamond:

(yields 8 sand blocks back)


Curse table:

(carpets and book can be configured)


Enchantment table (tweak):


End portal frame:


End stone:


Ender wand:


Necrotic Bone block:



Necrotic bone meal:


Potion of Levitation:

 (the item in the input slot is dropped by Shulkers)


Potion of Wither (called Withering Potion in-game):


XP block:



XP-ngot (XP ingot):



XP nugget:



XP slabs:


XP stairs:



° Mod requires DbrownUtil, Ender IO (and by extension EnderCore) and Tinkers Contruct (and by extension Mantle).

° XP blocks can only be broken by the one who placed it (will give a similar protection to XP items in inventories):

° Held armor with Curse of Fragility will get damaged as well (dunno if I should keep it).


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