Miraculous: Tales of Ladyblock and Craft Noir

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Kwami Food List

Here is a List for the different foods that the Kwamis all eat:

All Kwamis will follow their favourite food or their miraculous. 


Tikki: Macarons (all 7 colours)

Plagg: Camembert

Nooroo : Cookies

Duusu: Seeds (wheat, pumpkin, melon, beetroot)

Trixx: Sweet Berries

Wayzz: sea grass or kelp (dried too)

Pollen: Honey Bottles

Xuppu: Bananas (drop from jungle leaves like apples)

Longg: Melon slices

Fluff: Carrots.

Kaalki: Apples (Golden ones too) and Hay Bale blocks.

Sass: Eggs

Mullo: Cheese

Liiri: Fish

Daizzi: Carrots and Potatoes