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Mining Dimensions [FABRIC]


Provides (5) extra dimensions for resource gathering

NOTE: As of v1.3.0, the portals are made with the corresponding portal blocks and lit with the new Portal Lighter

Provides extra dimensions for resource gathering

Sleeping in a bed in the dimensions will lead to explosions!

- Mining Dim: A dimensions with two biomes (desert and plains) and is always noon; same ores and structures as Overworld.

- Climbing Dim: A dimension with two biomes (badlands and wind-swept hills) and is always noon; same ores and structures as Overworld

- Hunting Dim: A dimension with just plains, always dark, and full of juiced up, armored mobs; only vanilla ores; seriously, the mobs are tough and you will likely die!

- Caving Dim: A safe haven dimension of Mushroom biome caves; same ores as Overworld;  only spawns bats and the occasional spider spawner in mineshafts.

- Nethering Dim: A vanilla-only Nether dimension, helpful for finding vanilla resources that are difficult to find when the regular Nether is filled with modded biomes. NOTE: Some features from the Better Nether mod "leak" into this dimensions, mostly structures.

Portable Teleporters

NOTE: If you are using the Gobber (1.16.5) mod for Fabric, you don't this one, since the dimensions are included in that mod.

Other Tidbits:
- Recipe to smelt netherite gear into netherite scrap, useful with the Hunting Dim

- Returning enchantment - enchant a Portable Teleporter with Returning then sneak + right-click to return to last bed slept in.  You must sleep in a bed first.