This mod simply ports Mini Me entities from OpenBlocks 1.12.2, which was under an MIT license. As this mod is also under the MIT license, this means that the mod is compatible and an acceptable continuation.

Much thanks to MrBysco for assistance in correct spawn.

Example syntax:

- summon miniatures:minime ~ ~ ~ {owner:"nooblybear"}

This would create a mini me using my current Minecraft skin (as depicted in the icon for this mod).

Additional syntax:

You can specify bonus health (in half hearts) with the tag {"HealthAddition": 20} for the miniature to have 20 additional half-hearts.

You can also specify a bonus to attack damage (in half hearts) with the tag {"AttackAddition": 18} for the miniature to deal 18 additional half-hearts of damage per hit.

This stacks on top of the configured values.

Configurable options are included for whether or not miniatures are hostile, how much damage and health they have, while breakable blocks (beyond flowers & torches) can be adjusted via the "miniatures:break_blocks" tag.

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