35,115 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 19, 2019 Game Version: Forge

Snowy Iguana Village

The tents have since this screenshot changed to use more colors than just white and grey


One of the smaller dungeons (and at the point of writing this, the only type of dungeon)


The gates that appear above you once you've entered

Land Gate

The gate found out in your land, that leads to your server player's land

Stony Deserts and Cake

Shows a land with the red sandstone and the cake land aspects, along with a turtle village


The small sburb machines along with a transportalizer and a cookalyzer


Various underlings, including an imp, ogres, a salamander, and liches

Rainbow Land

A land for those who need a bit more color in their game

Frogs and Items

The Sky

If you build up high enough (or end up in a dark land), you will begin seeing things in the sky.

Flora Land

In a land of giant strawberries and even more giant swords...