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Filename MinersAdvantage-1.14.4-
Uploaded by o_DuelMonster_o
Uploaded Dec 6, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 383.63 KB
Downloads 4,039
MD5 df534bce8024e6302e96a66020ea2c3e
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fix: Enablement/disablement key bindings being ignored by the server
fix: Illumination placing torches incorrectly during auto illumination tasks
fix: Coprination not working 100% of the time
fix: Coprination / Cultivation not recognizing waterlogged blocks as water sources
feature: re-implement the ore, logs, leaves and axe config lists
feature: AutoIllumination now lights up the area in reverse order after all blocks are harvested. This helps to make it look as though MinersAdvanatage is working its way back towards the player to illuminate the area.
feature: new key binding to automatically illuminate the area around the player. Default key = F12. This is currently a radius of 8 blocks around the player; which equates to 17x17.