Miner's Horizon

9,170 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.2

   When you look out into the sky after a day of mining...

        ... the horizon looks back. 

 Miner's Horizon is a 1.14 Fabric mod that adds in a new mining dimension to the game. It has terrain specifically designed for mining & quarrying, which avoiding the generic super flat design of previous mining dimensions. The default floor is composed of a mixture of stone, which is accented by peaks of grass to add a bit of color to your landscape.

The Miner's Horizon dimension is sorted into zones. As you go into deeper zones, ore count increases and blocks get harder.

Miner's Horizon is highly configurable; you're able to specify what ores spawn at what layer and even how high the mountains in the world are. These values can be found in the minershorizon config file.

To enter the Miner's Horizon, create a regular portal with chiseled stone bricks, and right-click it with a pickaxe at the bottom. Walk into the portal and hit sneak.

This mod requires the Fabric Loader & Fabric API. Send all bug reports to the github tracker. Have fun!