645 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 25, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


A suggestion by Nox_cgt on r/QuarkMod, this unique item rarely drops from Beetroot plants when they are broken! It does very little for the food bar, but will also give you regeneration when eaten!



MineRealms currently adds tons of awesome building blocks for you to use! Craft Glazed Terracotta Pillars, Soul Sandstone blocks, Elder Prismarine blocks, and lots of new stairs, slabs, walls, and fences!

This mod also adds some new chiseled blocks, in which you can place certain items/blocks to change the texture!

Thridly, mine a new Nether ore to get lots of Gold Nuggets so you can craft.. . more gold blocks I guess :)

Finally, MineRealms adds Soul Glass, which is a solid glass block until powered. Once powered, you can walk through it like air! Spooky!


Planned Features

MineRealms has a goal of expanding upon the adventure aspect of vanilla, so that you will venture away from your base in search of new resources to obtain, new biomes to settle on, and awesome new dungeons to explore!

Many biomes will be added, my favorite being the Mesa Arches biome!

Unique dungeons will also be created, including the Underground City and Mesa Temple.

In the rare Underground Cities, fight one of two mini-bosses to uncover the Tablet of Purification! This will have multiple uses, and will activate by itself (like the Totem of Undying). On activation, it will double the level of all positive potion effects! It will also turn negative potion effects into their positive counterparts (Slowness > Speed, Weakness > Strength, Mining Fatigue > Haste, etc.)!




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