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This is my first mod that I am using to get familiar with the modding scene. This isn't really meant for actual gameplay, but you can use it if you want! This adds a poop ball and a poop block. You can smelt the poop ball into coco beans dark chocolate to make dark chocolate cookies, but don't think too far into that. I plan on adding more in the future.


UPDATE 1.1.0

The first official update to the Poop Mod is out! This makes the mod functional in game and accessable to survival players. This update includes things such as dark chocolate, dark chocolate cookies, and the poop ore block. The ore naturally generates underground. Currently in development of Golden Poop (similar to Golden Apples), stews, and beans! Will be included in 1.2!


UPDATE 1.2.0

This update includes a variety of food items that allows for more practicality with this mod with more food options and greater usability. This mod adds different types of stews, with varrying effects, and the Golden Poop, which acts as an alternative to the Golden Apple. Many have asked why I would make poop into a food item. This was done to spice up and diversify minecraft's food pool, while also providing unique roundabout uses with them. For example, most of the poop foods have a chance of applying Bad Omen, which effectively allows for pillar raids to be triggered more easily. All of the foods are all obtainable through survival and through the creative menu. This also adds beans, including white beans and baked beans. White beans can be planted in farmland and can be harvested similar to the potato plant. You can find white beans in grass, like normal seeds. While this is not the most realistic thing, please acknowledge that this is a Poop Mod for the game Minecraft. The beans can then be smelted down into baked beans, which can be baked into a stew. There has also been a prototype for the Poop Sword that has been added in this update, which should be finalized by the release of 1.3.


Update 1.2.5

This mini update includes a fully functional poop sword, a new enchantment, and some advancements to make the mod feel more integrated. The poop sword has two different attacks: the traditional attack, which also applies poison to the target, and the right click poop smother attack, which applies nausea and slowness to the target. The model is also updated for the sword (so it actually wields like a proper sword now). The sword can be obtained by combining a netherite sword with a poop ball in the smithing table. The new enchantment allows for the poison effect specifically to be applied to other weapons as well. While this is rare, this is a very effective tool in late stage combat, as netherite armor is not very effective against poison damage. The enchantment is called "Pooped" and Pooped 1 applies Poison 1 while Pooped 2 applies Poison 2. This tool is very effective and could change late stage combat all together if used properly. Or maybe not, all we did was smothering poop on a Netherite sword afterall. 



Eventually I intend to add mobs, such as new types of pigs, to make finding and making poop food items a more renewable practice. Hopefully will see these in 1.3!


As of version 1.2.5, I intend on making the release of 1.3 to be an actual nice mod. I wanted to make a poop dimension, because funny, but at the moment there is little details or tutorials out that help with new dimensions in 1.18, but as soon as they're out I'll try and get to it. This might mean that it might not come out with 1.3, but I'll compensate with added more mobs, blocks, and potentially more uses for the items to allow for more variety. If you have any ideas feel free to comment them! If they are feasible and actually useful then I will try to make them a thing!