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Minecraft Boom is a mod that aims to expand the vanilla experience. All things that are added, block, items, mobs and structures, are in the spirit of the vanilla game. This is a mod for those of you who love the essence of vanilla, but are just looking to add that little extra. Blocks that should be in the game but aren't, missing items and extra features to make the game a little bit more appealing, here they all are. Knock yourself out…

Updated to 1.14.4!

Looking for texture artists. Comment if you would like to help design textures for the mod.

  • Bricks: Brick variations of blocks. These include: Cobblestone, Mossy Cobblestone, Terracotta, Magma Block, Snow Block, Obsidian, Gravel and all Stained Terracotta Blocks.
  • Polished Blocks: Polished versions of blocks. These include: Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, End Stone and Netherrack.
  • Pillars: Pillar versions of blocks. These include: Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, End Stone and Netherrack.
  • Storage Blocks: Craft any 9 items into a more compact block version. These include: Charcoal, Sugar, Sugar Cane, Gunpowder, Blaze Powder, Magma Cream, Prismarine Crystal, Wither Bone and all available Dyes. Gunpowder Blocks explode when lit with a Flint And Steel, hit by a flaming arrow or randomly if there is fire nearby. Magma Cream Blocks act like a Slime Block. Prismarine Crystal Block will emit a little light.
  • Fine Gravel and Gravel Stone: Fine Gravel is a new type of Gravel that uses the old texture. It can be crafted with one normal Gravel. Fine Gravel and normal Gravel can be smelt in a furnace and results Fine Gravel Stone and Gravel Stone. These can be crafted into Gravel Bricks.
  • Soul Glass and Soul Glass Panes: Smelt Soul Sand into Soul Glass. A slightly more transparent version of glass. Can be crafted into Soul Glass Panes. Soul Glass can be crafted into Stained Soul Glass.
  • Rose: The old Rose is back! The original Minecraft Rose was removed some updates ago and replaced with Poppies. For now the rose does not spawn but can be crafted with 1 Rose Red and 1 Seeds.
  • Stairs, and Walls: Stairs, Slabs and Walls are added for all Minecraft blocks that should have a slab and stair.
  • Golden Bars: Gold equivalent of Iron Bars.
    Red Nether Brick Fence: Since there are Nether Brick Fences, why not have the Red Nether Brick versions as well. Adds Red Nether Brick Fence Gates and Nether Brick Fence Gates as well. The crafting recipe for Nether Brick Fences has been changed to match the vanilla recipes for Wood Fences.
    Wood Variations: Adds Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia and Dark Oak versions of: Bookshelves and Ladders. Chests, Signs and Doors are to be added.


  • Wither Bone: The Wither Bone is a drop added when killing Wither Skeletons. The bone can be used to craft a Wither Bone Block, Black Dye or be used as a fuel in a Furnace to burn 10 items.
  • Magma Brick: Used to craft Magma Brick Blocks.
  • Pinecone: Pinecones are dropped by decaying Spruce Leaves at a 2 % drop rate. The item is edible and restores 1½ hunger.
  • Polar Bear Fur and Meat: Polar Bear Fur is dropped by killing a Polar Bear and can be used to craft 4 Leather or 4 Paintings. Polar Bears now drop meat that can be cooked and eaten.
  • Pumpkin Slice: Who isn’t sick of Melons and just want to dig their teeth into a raw piece of Pumpkin? Dropped by “faceless” pumpkins and restore 1 hunger when eaten.
  • Cooked Egg: Eggs can be cooked in a furnace and restores 3 hunger.
  • Drowned Flesh: Drowned will now drop Drowned Flesh when killed. When eaten the flesh restores 2 hunger and may give the player the water breathing effect.
  • Prismarine Arrow: The Prismarine Arrow is perfect for underwater combat. Unlike a normal Arrow, the Prismarine Arrow travels through water as it would through air.



Pumpkin Seeds are crafted with Pumpkin Slices
Pumpkin Pies are crafted with Pumpkin Slices
Polar Bears drop Polar Bear Fur
Wither Skeletons drop Wither Bones
Bone Blocks are crafted with 4 Bones instead of Bonemeal
Changed recipe for Vanilla Stone Slabs. They are now crafted with Smooth Stone
Smelting a Pumpkin makes an Orange Dye
Sticky Pistons now have a slimey side (No longer since of 1.14.4)
Sneaking + Right-clicking a Sticky Piston with a shovel removes the Slime Ball
Silverfishes drop Iron Nuggets at a 35 % drop rate
Blaze Powder can be used as fuel in a Furnace
Blaze Powder functions as Bonemeal to Nether Warts
Stone Tools are craftable with regular Stone


Changelog (1.13.2 and on)


Added Snow Bricks
Added Walls for all Blocks with Stairs and Slabs
Added Roses, Pinecones and Pumpkin Slices to being used in Composter
Added recipes for Stone Cutter
Added recipes for Smoker
Added recipes for Blast Furnace
Added recipes for Camp Fire
Added recipe for crafting Wither Bone into Black Dye
Fixed Magma Slab Blocks Burning
Fixed Smooth Stone Stairs not registering properly
Removed Cut Sandstone Slabs and Cut Red Standstone Slabs


Updated to 1.14.4
Added Blue Dye Block
Modified recipe for Magma Bricks
Removed Sticky Pistons slimey side
Removed Stairs and Slabs for some Vanilla Blocks


Added Bookshelf Variations
Added Ladder Variations
Added Gold Bars
Added Red Nether Brick Fence and Fence Gates
Added Prismarine Arrow
Added recipe for Orange Dye from smelting a Pumpkin
Added recipe for Stone Tools with normal Stone
Added Silverfish dropping Iron Nuggets
Added sticky side texture for Sticky Pistons
Added functionallity for removing Slime Balls from Sticky Pistons
Added bonemeal function to Blaze Powder on Nether Warts
Added Blaze Powder can be used as a fuel in Furnaces
Changed recipe for normal Bookshelves - can now only be crafted with oak planks
Changed recipe for Nether Brick Fence
Rewritten the Item and Block registry system, should work better with other mods
Fixed Wither Bone Block burn time
Fixed bug where Magma Brick Slabs had the wrong lightMapCoords


Added Stairs for all blocks
Added Slabs for all blocks
Added Slabs and Stairs for all vanilla blocks
Added Dye Storage Block
Added Rose
Added Pinecone
Added Polar Bear Fur and Meat
Added Pumpkin Slices
Added Cooked Egg
Added Drowned Flesh
Added Fuel Values for relevant items
Added a Json Generating system
Fixed Wither Bones not dropping
Fixed Storage Block recipes
Changed Vanilla recipes for Bone Blocks, Pumpkin Pies, Pumpkin Seeds and Stone Slabs


Updated mod to version 1.13.2
Added Cobblestone Bricks
Added Mossy Cobblestone Bricks
Added Magma Bricks
Added Terracotta Bricks
Added Stained Terracotta Bricks
Added Obsidian Bricks
Added Fine Gravel
Added Gravel Stone
Added Fine Gravel Stone
Added Gravel Bricks
Added Pillar variations of blocks
Added Polished variations of blocks
Added Storage variations of blocks
Added Wither Bone
Added Magma Brick


Suggestions and Bugs

As a one-man team I am very open to help. Suggestions regarding what to add/fix next are very welcome! Please leave a comment or contact me in some other way. If you find a bug or you think something is not working as it should, please report it here: https://github.com/Soupbubbles/Minecraft-Boom/issues. Before you report anything, make sure you’re using the latest version of the mod. 




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