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Uploaded Feb 25, 2021
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Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 0.13.645-RELEASE

  • fix compile error
  • fix #6513 (#6518)

Exclude smeltables correctly based on blacklist always * Improve compatibility with modded farmland blocks. (#6541)

Change the farmer's planting check from exactly vanilla farmland to include derived types possibly added by mods as well. * hotfix #6509 * Retrace steps when fallen behind (#6465)

Adjust pathfinding to check if we're very far away from the current pathpoint and backtrack to previous points. Do a double check on fluids as well to avoid lava more strongly. * finished rewrite of barracks radius (#6501)

As per discussion with Raycoms and SomeAddons, this simplifies the colony border of the Barracks to 2 unless all 4 towers and the barracks are level 4+, which increases to 3. * Baker can't stock cake batter (#6476)

Add primary recipe outputs to prestockable items. * [Fix] Fisherman bonus lvl

Fix fisherman bonus level comparison to be >= to be inline with text: "minecolonies.config.fisherprismarinechance.comment": "Chance to get a prismarine shard or crystal drop for the fisherman starting at level 3. Overall chance of prismarine is 2x this number [Default: 2.5]" * Add Barracks Tower window (#6473)

Adds a new Barracks Tower window to correctly display the building name Adds a new lang string for the Barracks Tower * [Fix] Fisherman bonus lvl

Fix fisherman bonus level comparison to be >= to be inline with text: "minecolonies.config.fisherprismarinechance.comment": "Chance to get a prismarine shard or crystal drop for the fisherman starting at level 3. Overall chance of prismarine is 2x this number [Default: 2.5]" * hotfix 6489 * fix 6341 * fix 6354 (#6448)

Fix fishing rod rendering + cleanup Random throwing angles of fishing bobber Add a stuck timer, sometimes the bobber ends up falling into the water after bouncing of a corner * fix 6362 (#6432)

Fixes some recipe serialization problems Makes recipe removal bullet proof Cleanup RecipeStorage * Setup friendly fire fix (#6429)

Stops players from damaging citizens when there is a raid Stops citizens from damaging players when there is a raid * Derp. Forgot to make sure other buildings got correct hiring status (#6444)

Derp. Forgot to make sure other buildings got correct hiring status * Derp. Complete and utter derp. (#6439)

fixes med dark oak schems being med oak * Some enhancements (#6440)

Any non-left mouse button will now cycle down on the directional buttons in the Field The planter has a new short hint to indicate whether it is or is not planting the item indicated The Colony Flag Banner will now only display the indicator block while a banner is being held in creative mode * hotfix #6435 * remove non 1.15 * Edits github-only files (#6405)

Heavily edits README.md Heavily edits ABOUT.md and adds more contributors. Please tell me if your role is portrayed incorrectly! This was mainly guessing as the Our Team page on the website is missing many people! Edits in-game description in Mods menu, adds logo and website Uploads new horizontal logo and square logo (taken from curseforge page) Makes CLA more readable (like ldtteam/Structurize#226) * Update en_us.json (#6428)

Fixes caps in gate names Removes timber frame lang strings (they're in Structurize now) Fixes "town hall" caps in a message * Scroll messages and other lang fixes (#6321)

Supersedes #6173, but without the merge conflicts and extra messages! Just grammar Sam, don't freak out Also has some other lang fixes and dead code removal * Happiness tweaks (#6360)

Happiness value for hunger is good with hunger above 2.5, before it needed to be above 7.5 Tweaks the weights of some happiness modifiers * Feature/student hiring (#6414)

adds students, archers, and combat trainees to the hirable list. * fix #6411 (#6419)

Correctly check advancement progress * Damage -> Injuries (#6397)

Changes Damage to Injuries in the town hall happiness page to reduce confusion with buildings getting damaged (someone in the discord was confused) Removes more dead code * Update NameConstants.java (#6413)

Add new tier 4 patreon's (SirLanceQuiteABit) last name to the list of citizen last names (first name was already there) "Your own name (subject to restrictions) added to the mod as possible citizen names," from patreon page * Fix/6399 (#6422)

Makes enchanter ignore NBT tags on ancient tomes * smelter fixes * Fix for Pupil Display, Baker/Bakery on Chorus Bread (#6361)

Changing counting approach for School-related workers (pupils and teachers) to avoid possible double-counting. Adds comments to improve clarity. Changes the building research requirement for "Know The End" from "bakery" to "baker", to match the getSchematicName for the baker hut ("bakery" is only used in translation files). This'll be obviated with the research data pack, but this fix solves the problem for the meantime, and won't interfere with that PR. * Raid and healing sounds (#6329)

Adds an alert for raids, for early game and normal Adds a victory motif for raids, early game and normal Healing sounds uses a suspended pentatonic scale so it doesn't sound like a racket in the hospital * Bump structurize 1.15 (#6385)

Bump structurize * somefixes (#6378)

Fix two npe's, fix rail elevation not marking all nodes as rail nodes correctly. * Hotfix * Builder hut recipe fix (#6370)

Fixes #6369 as per WenXin's suggestion. * Remove protect villages option 1.15 (#6335)

Removes the "Protect Villages" option in the config and its effects This is because there aren't really any ill effects of building a colony on a village * Removes dead lang strings (#6357)

Removes some lang strings not connected to anything, couple other fixes * Pausing Entity because of java.lang.NullPointerException from AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException (#6346)

Fixes Pausing Entity because of java.lang.NullPointerException * Backport the clearer config (#6349)

Backports #6318 to 1.15 Also fixes a few other things I missed in my original PR, but I forwardported those in #6321 smile * Improves Ship Raid Events, respells Babarian. (#6305)

EventStructureManager was saving to paths including the full ResourceName of a dimension (eg schematicsstructbackup1 [minecraft : overworld]BlockPos{x=42, y=59, z=-208}.blueprint), which is not a valid file name on FAT32 and most Windows NTFS situations, as colons are a restricted character outside of POSIX emulation mode. Changed structure to instead use ResourceName.namespace + ResourceName.path (eg schematicsstructbackup1minecraftoverworldBlockPos{x=42, y=59, z=-208}.blueprint). Changed the load path management side to match. Added compat layer for those with existing old ship schematics floating around. New location is properly a path (eg schematics\structbackup\1\minecraftoverworld\BlockPos{x=42, y=59, z=-208}.blueprint)

This will also significant increase the number of raids for island or beach-side colonies for affected systems, as previously ship raids were being cancelled rather than rolling down to ground raids instead.

Fixes babarian -> barbarian, checks for any locations using the old names.

Fixes norsemen ships checking for biomes when spawned by command. They will still check for water/ice regardless; if there's not a valid ship spawning location they'll do their ground variant instead. NorsemenShipEvent natural spawns will still check for tundra biomes or the rare out-of-biome chance. * More pathblocks (#6325) * Removes Hoes from types of Tools that bypass level checks from Requestables (#6320)

Types of Hoes will now only be added to the request system if they pass the ItemStackUtils.hasToolLevel check in Tool.java's match() override. Farmers, Lumberjacks, and Builders couldn't use the higher grade hoes anyway, but if it ended up on a high-priority slot, the worker would be caught without obvious reason for the failure mode. This will also stop requests for hoes from showing iron/diamond/netherite before the worker would be eligible to use them. * Change citizen walking speed when climbing up/down to be slower (#6330)

Change citizen walking speed when climbing up/down to be slower #6330 * citizen home hotfix #6303 * Several fixes (#6297)

Citizens go hide earlier Use inBuilding check instead of aabb everywhere (much more efficient) No rain check in the nether. Use netherrack instead of cobble in the nether * Low-hanging Fruit: UI improvements, off-hand build wand, crafter recipe adds, and expanding raid command capabilities. (#6288)

Adds a progress message at 25 citizens, pointing players to the University research. Adds disabled/enabled button functionality and tooltips for Warehouse Upgrade and Sort. Adds a time check to WAREHOUSE_FULL messages, to reduce message spamming, and gives different messages depending on whether the warehouse can still be upgraded (in which case it can't use emerald blocks) or not (in which case it can't be upgraded. Adds glowstone dust as an input to the mechanic, and sets glowstone (block) as non-reducible to avoid potential surprises to datapack makers. Added a few other exclusions for storage-like blocks that Forge does not inherently tag as storage, for similar reasons. Adds Blackstone and Polished Blackstone (and polished blackstone slab/bricks) and Polished Basalt as usable ingredients to the Stonemason. Allows use of build tool in off-hand. Removes duplicate sendPlayersMessage for WorkOrderBuildRemovals. Adds a message on completion of a deconstruction work order to warn players to use the Pick Up botton. Add a third count to the Town Hall's citizen summary page, indicating the maximum limit of colonists from research. Adds an optional argument to raid-now, raid-now-all, raid-tonight, and raid-tonight-all to force the raid to be a specific type. Adds a raid event for pirates without a ship, only summonable by manual raid commands for now. * backport pr * Fix #6294 (#6295)

Crash fix scroll tooltip * Bounding box fixes (#6287)

Consider at home with a little bit of tolerance * Perf fixes (#6285)

Cache reflection calls since those are slow Avoid streams and get first element from iterator. Avoid streams and do for loop * Fix tree restriction search (#6274)

Simplifcations in the abstractjob Fix lumberjack tree range restrictions. * :: (#6280)

Crafter task GUI fix * Should be hay_bale, #blame-mojang (#6281)

Atm the farmer can improve the hay bale recipe, leading to infinite wheat. This fixes it * Construction tape nether and underground improvement (#6269)

Underground/nether support Limited range (within building height up to 5 less) Limited cleanup range (building height + 1 to -5) * Restaurant sitting and some fixes (#6270)

Adds sitting within restaurants, at predefined positions. Now citizens after receiving their food go to a sitting place, idle there for a bit and then eat. Also improved sitting logic a bit, now the entities take the shape of the block we want to sit on into consideration and adjust the Y level accordingly.

Studying childs now hold paper in their hands. Improve set blockstate performance by bypassing vanilla's loop of all entity navigators, all other logic is done as usual, just that specific wont run.

Fix average raid config default * More citizen names 1.15 (#6252)

Adds more citizen names * Medieval schematics update (#6264)

Medieval schematics update 1.15 * Town hall tabs tooltips 1.15 (#6255)

Adds tooltips to the tabs in the town hall gui Same as #6254, which is tested and working * hotfix mob recog * Fix building size calculation with height (#6241)

Correctly calculate the building corners including y pos. Cleanup and centralize this loading Add backwards compat Bump Structurize * Some fixes (#6239)

Allow pickup again after placing a deconstructed building Finally fix the citizen count issue in the townhall Fix building not being removed after pickup directly * Fix error message for missing states (#6242)

Fix error message for missing states Add missing init transition Make stuckhandling clear the path sooner, adjust stuck option timings a bit * fix fishman Keep looking for the pond (#6227) * Fix exceptions (#6224)

Fixes some npe's * Fixes missing part in female settler texture. (#6217) * hotfix an ice and fire incompat problem * hotfix #2 * hotfix * Feature: fast pickup of specific items after crafting (#6067)

This cleans up the code paths for retaining items during pickup, and makes it safer to call when the task queue is not empty Set up the Baker to do fast pickups for empty buckets, to avoid getting stuck waiting for milk Ensure Minstock is honored during pickups, to avoid over-crafting * template'd (#6202)

Adds wiki issue template link * Add loot tables to customrecipes (#6201)

Add base functionality to recipestorage to store and generate loot from loot tables Add definition of loot tables & secondary outputs to custom recipes Add flint @ 10% rate to the Crusher's gravel recipes. * Fix/archer pos (#6207)

Improved archer positioning to not leave the wall/tower all the time Fixes issue of stonesmeltery appearing with smeltery * fix 6186 + 6177 (#6206)

Fixes forester restriction Fixes citizen count * Add fixes (#6210)

Fix workers getting stuck with tool request Fix stuck in food task fix too far chunk range being loaded Fix text formatting * Adding logic to attackEntityFrom method so citizens can't damage visitors. (#6195)

Added logic to attackEntityFrom method so citizens can't damage visitors. * Fixes and pathing improvements (#6196)

Pathing now also maps corner nodes when going upstairs or dropping down, giving our citizen a more smooth path to follow and fixing some corner cases, like in 6100 where without that node they jump down from a ladder since the next node is diagonal in the opposite direction on the next floor.

Pathing now considers going down through passable blocks, which previously did not work in cases where the passable block is also of walkable ground type, like trapdoors are.

Improved pathfollow, it is now better at recognizing arrival at a path point and also displays this during debug draw, reached nodes are displayed as orange: * flowchart? (#6203)

Changes clipboard and resource scroll messages * Update en_us.json (#6190)

Changes "Building Tool" to "Build Tool" to match structurize * Adds 5 new scroll items with unique effects (#6169)

Adds 5 new scroll items with unique effects: A colony home teleportation scroll, which teleports the user to the registered colony. A colony home area teleportation scroll which teleports the user and nearby players to the colony. A regeneration scroll, granting regeneration to the player and citizens around him, found in chests. A guard help scroll which temporarily summons the guards of a registered guard building to the user on follow mode. A worker highlight scroll which can be used on a worker building an highlights the worker with a glow effect and gives him a slight speed effect too. * fix #6161 (#6167)

Performance improvement Fix free blocks config Fix abandoned colony calc Fix infinite request loops Fix client side desyncs of racks * Small statemachine improvement (#6171)

This changes the statemachine to no longer do hash lookups frequently when it already does know/has a reference to the result. Instead we do the lookup once the state changes and keep the reference to the current state's transitions. Removed streams in the basic statemachine aswell. * Fix builders in manual mode unable to select orders created for them (#6165)

Fix builders in manual mode not showing build orders that are created with them selected, but outside the normal builder range. * Fixes wrong capitalization in the list of jobs in the town hall (#6108)

Fixes wrong capitalization/etc in the list of jobs in the town hall (discussed in discord) * Update ResearchInitializer.java (#6166)

Fixes wrong capitalization in the research names and fixes some other small errors * Temporary fix for Chinthor's post #5006, describing conflict with Huts containing a Stash block. Removes Stash block with no replacement from Medieval Birch, Oak, and Spruce Restaurants levels 4 and 5, and rescans with anchor set to the Hut block. (#6158)

Removes Stash block with no replacement from Medieval Birch, Oak, and Spruce Restaurants levels 4 and 5 Rescans with anchor set to the Hut block. * remove old baking code too * fix #6139 (#6140)

Better colorblind support * fix #6141 (#6142)

Cook only gives food if no food is there yet Cook only gives food to players that can manage the colony * fix #6116 and network version (#6135)

Fix some miner pathfining Adjust networking version * Update ResearchInitializer.java (#6137)

Fixes nightowl and nightowl 2 research costs * View fixes (#6130)

Several view fixes * Hotfix world folder locating for worlds (#6127) * Prune command (#6114)

Adds a server utility prune world command, which will remove regions files which arent within a given range of a colony building. Useful to prune existing worlds, but keeping important colony places intact. * Improved nether vine pathing (#6115)

Fixes issues with citizens in the nether vines Fixes some citizen inventory problem Fixes some minor client crash * Update en_us.json (#6107)

Fixes small error in en_us.json * fix 6097 and 6099 (#6103)

Closes #6097 Closes #6099 * Scroll & clipboard improvements (#6106)

The current builder of the assigned hut is shown on the resource scroll tooltip Adjust some of the error chat messages Some code clean up and stopped using the same translate keys as clipboard with the scroll * move to tags + world loading fix (#6092)

Fix loading chunks when opening single rack Move compostables and luckyOreBlocks to tags instead of config * Fix Builders and Guards beeing interrupted by async requests beeing delivered (#6076)

Fix Builders and Guards beeing interrupted by async requests beeing delivered Fix a case where citizen potentially get stuck forever looking for requests while having none. Fix old, bad visitor data which is displaced to spawn not beeing removed Add tiny chance for recruitment to make the visitor runoff with the goods

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