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Filename minecolonies-0.13.359-BETA-universal.jar
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Uploaded Oct 18, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
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Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 0.13.359-BETA

  • Fix #5919 (#5943)

Treat Lanterns as non-solid/decorations * Fix furnace recipe loading (#5942)

Fix furnace recipe loading Recently many furnace recipes quit resolving during teaching. It turns out that the recipe book has changed and it's now only returning a single recipe with a list of possible ingredients for things like charcoal and glass. This change now expands that out into recipes for each possible ingredient during load for lookup purposes. * Small improvements to readme (#5937)

Small improvements to readme * Fix citizen sometimes failing to respawn (#5932)

Fix our respawn position to the Townhall when our spawnpos sometimes can't find a fitting place to spawn * Delivery orders (#5921)

This adapts the way deliveries are assigned to deliveryman to a multi-factor comparison system. The resolver for dmen now resides in a warehouse and resolves the request it gets to its delivermen in our case those of a single warehouse. So now we compare all assigned deliverymen of a warehouse to get the best fit for the request. The resolver now ask the dmen for a score for adding a certain request and then compares the score to other dmen's scores. The score(lower is better) itself is combined of these factors:

Closeness: How close the target/source of the new request is compared to an existing one, in relation to its total travel length. Priority(also contains age): Overtaking a request of a higher priority is worse. Pickup/Delivery alternating: When alternating between pickups and deliveries with close targets the score gets a little bonus. Index: The index we would add the new request at, higher the more request we overtake and the more request we have in total. These result in lists on deliverymen of approx ~3 times closer deliveries, allowing the AI to also bunch up deliveries more nicer in the future.

Fixes visitors sometimes getting spawn on zero pos. Fix raids not respecting distance to unloaded buildings Fix shipsraids sometimes instantly despawning after killing spawners, now takes a day to do so. * Serveral fixes (#5928)

Adds Custom arrows for our entities, which do not scale in damage with movement and despawn quickly after beeing on the ground for a bit, avoiding fps lag from large battles with thousands of arrows.

Some raid balancing: Raiders now have less armor and scale less in health Colonies raidlevel grows more linearly than before and is a bit lower. When less than 5% of raiders remain the raids now automatically end.

Fixes: Training archers no longer deal damage when shooting ToggleAI no longer toggles single blocks on doors and instead uses the doors own toggle functionality Raiders no longer accidentally toggle doors Fix guarding guards "Jiggling" because they didnt fix up their starting position for pathing Fix pathing starting positions, now it checks for an existing collision box and if the citizen is actually within it so that e.g. standing next to a Trapdoor no longer assumes a pathing node above the trapdoor. Before it used entity positions which can vary too much, and caused some cases where citizens get stuck. Fix players not always beeing added to the colony view subs after dim changes, they now check if they're added each time they enter a chunk claimed by a colony making it more resistant. * Make request system use localized names in display (#5908)

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