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Filename minecolonies-0.13.88-BETA-universal.jar
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Uploaded Aug 2, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
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Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 0.13.88-BETA

  • Schematics115 (#5462)

Spacewars concrete mixer and rails Other schematic fixes too. * Feature/builder multi tick req (#5487)

Adjust to newest structurize Fix crusher Multi-tick builder material request * Guard improvements (#5481)

Guards received 3 new researchable abilities: - Arrow usage, consumes arrows and increases damage - Arrow piercing, arrows pierce two targets. This one should help with ranger's arrows beeing caught by knights on the frontline aswell. - Knockback aoe, Knights get an aoe knockback dealing a little damage and knocking back surrounding enemies. Chance to use on hit and has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Should lead to more balanced fighting and less many vs one situations.

Knights can use shields at any levels once researched. Knights have higher hp scaling aswell as the scaling based on the skill instead of arbitrary worker level. Knights no longer unintentionally scale in damage. Rangers have higher base range. Rangers distance now scales with Adaptability instead of job level. Rangers no longer scale in health with their level, only with their buildings level. Rangers now are able to shoot better when stationed ontop of buildings, gaining extra range, patrol to edges where they can see far and are chasing mobs into vision from above without using ladders.

Guards now can give other patrolling guards a temporary consumed patrol position, when encountering raiders so they help each other out better. Fleeing citizens now call the two closest guards instead of one.

Guards now properly equip the armor from their inventory upon starting to fight. They also now dump their inventory occasionally when patrolling/guarding and upon dump they check their hut for armor/better armor and request any missing.

Guards combat now is active in almost all worker AI states, so that they always can react when getting hit. They do not search for targets though when doing non guard task stuff. * Fix typo and upgrade issues (#5476)

Fix a nasty typo in a conditional comparison Add a safety net for 'half processed' jobs during upgrade * Perf improvements (#5482)

Fix pickup requests getting marked as received for cleanup. Replace a bunch of chunk loaded checks with the more complete check. Revert the creation of the combined itemhandler to happen each tick. * Gpl to jar (#5475)

  • push forge version
  • add license
  • Medieval Skin pack upgrade (#5478)

Ultimate medieval skin pack update 500 updated textures with all ethnic variants.

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