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Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 0.13.81-RELEASE

  • Fix/lag (#5469)

Bunch of performance improvements * Upgrade the cook, and a few more recipes (#5383)

The cook will try to resolve furnace recipes (for food) without being taught. The cook has a new assistant who does all the crafting, leaving the cook to focus on serving the colony, and basic cooking. The cook's assistant is able to be hired at building level 3 The cook (and other crafters) will better handle secondary outputs for recipes. (1 pot for a full stack of output!) The cook will now stop 'auto smelting' food while working on specific recipes, to avoid stealing from itself Enable the crusher to convert/decompress clay blocks into clay balls - Bricks, bricks galore! The farmer is now capable of learning the composted dirt recipe All pressure plates are now crafted at the mechanic. As a 2x2 recipe, the builders can also craft for themselves. Miscellaneous cleanup of unnecessary imports, as a result of my previous changes. * Fix/dman (#5461)

Let dman refresh activity also for pickups after becoming active again Refresh pickup tasks regularly at worker level. * Smeltercrafter/reliability (#5455)

Make the smeltercrafters track what is in furnaces better, and what they pull out Fix AI Error due to no defined fuels. Tweak fuel handling behavior further to fall in line with upgraded tracking * Fix/warehouse (#5459) * Updates Bug Report template to show in GitHub (#5454)

Updates Bug Report template to show in GitHub * Performance improvement TEs (#5435)

Closes #5402 Closes #5420 Closes #5382 Closes #5431

Use our own dirty setting mechanic for our tileEntities. Vanilla causes a lot of stuff because of comparator output updates we don't need * Adds template data for issues templates (#5449)

Adds template data for issues templates * Let the warehouse use the rack-maps for speed (#5391)

Modify the warehouse resolver to use a fast path for single stack requests * use constants * Feature/GitHub templates (#5448)

Feature/GitHub templates * Updates issue templates (#5445)

Update Issue Template * Schematics115 (#5437)

Add huts for Dark Oak * Healer inventory issue (#5444)

Fix healer inv issue Fix plantation worker * Hotfix #2 rack/world load issue (#5446) * Hot fix rack loading(#5442) * Fix combined inv load (#5433)

Racks now notify their parent on beeing loaded. Building TE's no longer access unloaded areas for their combined storage

Fix traveler spawn half inside a wall * Schematics115 (#5406)

Rabbit hutch fixes, asian mechanic and other small fixes * Better optimize fuel handling (#5424)

move fuel grabbing a little later in the process, to speed smelting/crafting behavior make sure that we don't hit a case where the crafter decides to do nothing but play with fuel make smeltercrafter hold on to fuel in inventory better, to compensate for the later grab. * add cmment * fix chunklpading (#5427)

Htfix fr chunklading circle * Remve from runtime add during build time (#5425)

Query crowdin changes on build time * Hotfix recruitment failing for equal amounts of items (#5423) * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/1.15' into version/1.15 * New Crowdin updates (#5418)

Huge language update * Hotfix revert * Make smeltercrafters more aggressive about fuel (#5413)

SmelterCrafters checks fuel status far more often, and before crafting. SmelterCrafters properly limit fuel decisions to allowable fuels * Hotfix/farmer (#5412)

A field size of 0, 0, 0, 0 no longer gives a NullPointerException Uses different tag names for compatibility with existing schematics. (the new system uses the tags differently, so we want it to be 5 by default in existing schematics, not 0) * Fix cowboy breeding cows he wants to murder (#5416)

Fix cowboy breeding cows he wants to murder * Add stuckhandler to navigator (#5387)

Adds a new stuckhandler directly to the navigator.

It tries to unstuck the entity with various options, depending on which are enabled. Less invasive ones are tried first and more often. Stuck detection is split in somewhat stuck and completely stuck, when unstuck measures did not work. Our citizens are using teleport steps as normal unstuck option, allowing them to skip ahead on a valid path when not advancing for some reason. On total stuck they teleport right to their goal, making sure they arrive. Before teleporting clearing/moving away is tried. This fixes our current issues with citizens getting stuck forever frequently. * Fix sleeping (#5414)

Fix old sleep positions persisting, even when changing home * fix #5365 (#5407)

Fixes the issue of diverging opinions about the solid substitution blocks Fixes confused miner * bump structurize * half a block * Add visible status indicators for citizens (#5371)

-Add visible status indicators for citizens * Carlansor models improvements (#5393)

Bunch of model improvements Should fix sick guards running around Improves path speed on grass paths * Skip the Chit-Chat (#5399)

Quick way to opt out from a bunch of chat interactions quickly. Fix some small bugs * Adjustable Field Size (#5386)

The scarecrow field GUI has four new directional buttons Tooltips help the player orientate themselves Buttons in scarecrow GUI control how large the worked plot size of the field is (buttons toggle 0 through 5) Farmer AI (EntityAIWorkFarmer) will skip over blocks outside the defined size without requiring a new worker tick each time * Tavern2 (#5355)

Adds a new feature which spawns visitors to the tavern, which a player then can recruit for varying costs. For that it adds a new interaction type called recruitmentinteraction, which displays and handles the item stack cost for recruitment. The costs for recruitment are loaded from the config, with given item and weight on it. Interactions now are able to return the icon supposed to render for it. Interaction responses now are kept in insertion order instead of random hashmap order Interactions now know the player its interaction it, rather than the world. Added a WorldUtil class with helper functions for checking chunk load status properly Added a schematic constants class, for string tags used in schematics. Should be in sync with the builder's tag list.

Fixes: Fix bed pos and last pos getting written to the same nbt tag, overwriting eachother. Fix guards not moving out when fired. Fix tavern music only playing when you were close enough when it started Fix raider respawns, when sometimes an entity gets into an unloaded chunk but not removed Fix claim command requiring an existing colony, so you now can unclaim already deleted colonies Fix whereami command distance output Fix loading chunks on entity enter event * Inventory util/debug (#5394)

  • Add a utility function for gathering itemstorage from inventories Add a debug check for Builder hut items transfer and Request item transfer messages

  • Fix counting with a different predicate than finding stacks to extract. Fix trying to insert more than max stacks

  • Schematics115 (#5388)

Schematic fixes and adds * Fix dyer and concretemixer (#5385)

Add non-placeholder UI to the Dyer, so that you can define fuel and thus actually craft green dye Stop concrete mixer from mixing any and all powder, Now it will only mix what is requested * Add breeding toggle for herders (#5380)

Add a Button to the second page of the cowboy, shepard and chicken herder to disable them breeding the animals. * Beekeeper quickfixes (#5375)

Add some en-us string translations to help the UI make sense -Fix the max hives to be non-zero at level one. -Fix the beekeeper losing track of hives as fast as they are added, and constantly complaining about no hives * Show schematic outlines while the player has the building tool in the main hand - 2nd try (#5345)

This PR makes it so the building tool will render the max-level building schematics and their outlines when the active preview is nearby. This should make it easier to properly align neighboring buildings. * Add crafting to the farmer (#5373)

Make the farmer a public crafter Add carved pumpkin recipe to farmer Allow the farmer to make Hay Bales and seeds Add smooth sandstone variants to stone smelter Add prismarine shards/crystals to stone mason Add Sea Lantern to Mechanic * Fix stone tools - additional rules take precedence (#5374)

Force additional rules if true to take precedence over tags, which lets the blacksmith make stone tools/weapons * Fixed lumberjack crafting (was broken due to commit dc4e169). Now both work together. (#5370)

Fixes missing craft-request check, introduced by dc4e169. Calls tryUnstuck as the first step in the AI's decision-making process, to make sure it tries to free itself as often and early as possible. Migrated recipe-registration of LJ to new checkForWorkerSpecificRecipes() mechanism. Fixed a possible nptr exception (happened once on a testing world) during unstucking. * Add batching to miner resource request when mining (#5364)

When the miner is mining, inflate resource requests up to 32 to minimize dman trips * Fill in many of the builder-requested recipes (#5363)

Add tag based recipe support to stonesmeltery Add Redsand recipe to dyer Add sandstone recipes to stonemason Add many other recipes to the other crafters. * Fix things getting lost potentially (#5368) * hotfix #5366 * Add english translation for beekeeper (#5344)

Add english translation for beekeeper Move rabbit hutch to other herders * hotfix sifter * Add Terracotta to stonemason, and fix order of eval for proper shingle support in the sawmill (#5343)

Reorder Tag evaluations to be product and then ingredient, rather than exclude and then include Add Terracotta to Stonesmelter Add sawmill products to blacksmith exclusions * Fix crafter (#5360)

Fix crafrer issues Fix memory leak Fix builder issues * Dman imp (#5352)

Improves dman active set lag * Crafting fixes (#5349)

Fixes some weird crafting issues Fixes crafting for plantation worker * try mark dirty here (#5348) * Schematics115 (#5317)

Bunch of schematic updates * Fix/rs serialization (#5342)

Fixes RS serialization Fixes miner stuck Fixes sick citizens stuck at home Adds a null check * Adjustments (#5338)

Fix botania incompatibility by restricting tags to specific mods Fix style setting of child buildings * Fix/5335 (#5337)

Fixes negative request amount * fix duplicate requests (#5330)

  • fix duplicate requests
  • hotfix
  • [Omnibus] Several PRs at once. (#5326)
  • Adds shears and furnace to worker's recipes (#5314)

Fix worker recipes * Feature/buckets (#5312)

Prefetch materials for builder * Improve construction tape (#5298)

Construction tape now behaves like a four way block, connecting to tape in all four directions, with the following exceptions: Tape will remember it is a corner even when isolated (unchanged from previous) Tape will not become a T-junction if it means it will face another T-Junction stem-to-stem. This produces a neat result when building schematics adjacent to one another (makes more sense in the picture) Tape is now water-loggable, meaning tape can be (and is) placed in water As a side-effect the tape now sometimes blocks adjacent water sources from flowing in its direction Tape placed by the helper (when placing buildings) now replaces flowers Tape placed by the helper (when placing buildings) now ignores leaves, replacing them if necessary. * Schematics115 (#5308)

Medieval Updates * Fixes (#5290)

Fix some recipe overflow issues Add missing recipes Stop increasing hunger/diseases when offline Fix some RS issues Adds some extra documentation * add beekeeper model (#5294)

add beekeeper model * Schematics115 (#5299)

Concrete mixer, rabbit herder, medieval birch and other minor scans * Fixed bug that caused the banner to not work if it's renamed directly after crafting (#5266)

Fixed bug that caused the banner to not work if it's renamed before its first use. * Update in game help for some huts (#5268)

update in game hut information * fix try * Update mods.toml * Update mods.toml

Updates the structurize version in the mods.toml to deal with the new buildsystem. * Updates to the newest Structurize and sets up for the new Buildsystem (#5254) * add beekeeper schematics (#5293)

add beekeeper schematics * Fix citizen request fulfilling sometimes messing up nbt (#5284)

Actually check the item nbt of the item to move to the citizen to prevent it from getting changed during the transfer. Also remove a completely commented out method, because i thought its in that class, and that made it easier to look around. Bump Forge requirement to 31.2.8 * Update ContainerField.java (#5278)

Fix crash log: https://paste.ee/p/ZrzzL * fix JobBeekeeper#resetCounter not being called (#5269)

fix JobBeekeeper#resetCounter not being called * Improve scarecrow (#5241)

Scarecrow (Field) now physically takes up two blocks Scarecrow GUI is accessible from either half of scarecrow Fixed a glitch where dragging a seed from the field slot would duplicate the seed due to the wrong inventory handler Modified the scarecrow held item to conform slightly closer to the art style of similar held items * Add beekeeper (#5127)

add Beekeeper colonist * Improvements (#5261)

Improve avoidance Improve healer stuck Fix builder restart fix builder loop fix request fuifillment with too much * Postbox rework (#5251)

Shrinks the Stash to half block size Updates the texture to similar looks while maintaining separate colors Adds the ability to specify for Postbox requests to include partial deliveries Increases the priority of the Stash updates to fast-track delivery pickups * Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md (#5245)

Update issue template * Schematics115 (#5256)

Wooden plantation acacia mineshaft mesa mineshaft Dwarven rescan - school fix * Feature/new workers (#5230)

Further improves pickup logic of dman. Adds concrete worker Adds rabbit hutch worker (basically only boilerplate code) * Add the rallying banner (#5217)

The rallying banner allows players to summon their guards to them.

Features Sneak-Rightclicking on a guard building hut adds it / removes it from the rallying list. Right-Clicking in the air opens the GUI, which allows the player to remove Guard Buildings from the list without sneak-rightclicking them. Sneak-Rightclicking in the air or on the ground summons or dismisses the guards to the player. While running to the player, guards will receive a massive speed boost (Speed2 at minimum, but up to Speed5 when highly trained). While rallied, guards will glow in the colony's team color, and are immune to damage from the rallying player. The same is not true the other way around! Guards will return to regular duty when dismissed, or when the banner is not in the player inventory anymore. When an active banner is put back into the player inventory (grabbed from a chest, or moved from slot to slot), chances are that the rallying will proceed. There is a new permission that allows players to rally guards of other people's colonies. Limitations Guards will use a high amount of food while rallied. Currently it's calibrated to reduce the guard to 2 saturation points after 5.5 minutes of rallying. Dismissing the guard while below 2 saturation will remove those 2 saturation, forcing the guard to eat. Guards will only rally within the colony area. Attempting to move them out of the colony will dismiss them automatically. * Update wiki url and delete minecolonies.xml (#5257)

Fix the wiki url everywhere. This means in CommandHelp.java Delete minecolonies.xml * Add a new reposition approach (#5220)

Reposition rework:

Instead of reposition this works now like this:

Building has button to deconstruct. Calls builder to deconstruct. After this is finished. You get a "Pick Up" button. You get the hut with a colony id and the level in it. On placement with the buildtool that gets applied. * Adds builder name to decoration build complete message (#5223)

Adds builder name to decoration build complete message * Fix #5156 (#5229)

to fix multiple citiizens sleeping in one bed. * add a Tag based request (#5185)

this PR adds a Tag based request as proposed by @Raycoms in #5127 * Add Stonebrick slabs and stairs to the list of path blocks. (#5219)

Add Stone Brick slabs and stairs to the list of path blocks. This makes them prefer walking on them, and get a speed boost. * Improve spawner in raids, improve ticks (#5199)

Tracks spawner position in raid event and regularly checks them Also now uses the O(1) methods of racks better for the minimum stock ticks. * Removes fulfill and cancel from clipboard detail view (#5180)

Removes fulfill from clipboard detail view * Schematics115 (#5189)

Schematic Deco Fixes

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