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Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 0.10.716-RELEASE

  • hotfix #4338
  • Schematic rescan
  • Fix death messages (#4336)

Fixes death messages inflicted by minecolonies mobs * hotfix the hotfix * hotfix archer * hotfix accessing info button * hotfix #4328 * fix placement detection for GUI (#4325)

Fixes placement detection of warehouse/townhall Fix townhall crash * hotfix #4323 * Update research window allow zooming

Please update structurize to version 250+ * Fix infopage * Finish research combat tree (#4315)

  • Finish research combat tree
  • Add logs to issues (#4314)

Added a new section for logs. * hotfix fisherman model * Improve miner pathfinding (#4312)

  • Improve miner pathfinding
  • hotfix add university recipe
  • Update en_us.json
  • Fix/fixes (#4304)

  • fix #4300

  • fix #4292

  • fix #4288

  • fix #4305

  • Port Infotabs to 1.15 (#4306)

Port info Tabs to 1.15 * Feature/uni 1.15 (#4279)

This pull-request introduces the initial design of the research-system Including the initial part of the combat research tree.

Research is centered around the university building which has, on Page 2 of the GUI the list of main branches.


There will be three main branches in the future. - Combat - Technology - Civilian

Each research has - Unique id - Description - Requirement of resources - Requirement of colony buildings - An Effect

Research can either apply bonuses to existing workers, or unlock certain feature or buildings. (Effect).

There is one global research tree that contains the entire research tree that exists. Colonies will copy over some parts of this tree to their individual trees while they progress. However, most information stays at the global tree to allow the developers to change stats there and keep things forward compatible.

With this, the colony, on load, will query the tree for the effects which apply to the research the colony has already unlocked.

Research might be in progress:




Not started and locked (research requirements are not met)


or not started and locked because requirements like building level are not met.


or, simply not started (with the button enabled).

Researching takes the resources from the player inventory.

There are "and" relationships allowing to research both childs.


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