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Filename minecolonies-1.12.2-0.10.646-ALPHA-universal.jar
Uploaded by OrionOnline
Uploaded Jan 17, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 33.15 MB
Downloads 285
MD5 d675ff409de567ccd457985b304dfeab
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Java 9
Java 8


Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 1.12.2-0.10.646-ALPHA

  • Fix citizen limit calculation v1.12 (#4229)

  • Fix citizen limit calculation. Now Calculates on building upgrade/destruction. Recalculates after colony load, instead of reading old values. Recruitment of additional guards over the citizen hut limit now works. Level 0 guard-buildings no longer count towards the limit.

Fix itemrack hooks beeing overwritten on load, backported from 1.14.

  • fix rack upgrade

  • update citizen limit upon all assigns/removes/building upgrade/destruction

  • fix TH UI issues

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