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Filename minecolonies-1.12.2-0.10.310-ALPHA-universal.jar
Uploaded by OrionOnline
Uploaded Jul 18, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
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Java 8


Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 1.12.2-0.10.310-ALPHA

  • Hostile mobs (#3673)

Features: - adding config option to make mobs hostile to citizens - adding config option to let citizens and guards call for help when attacked - citizens run away after getting hit and keeps avoiding the attacker(if there is one) - reworking old avoidance AI, now only scans the area actively after beeing attacked before. - adding mercenaries which defend the colony for a price summoned at the townhall via a button last 20 min and reappear to be hired after 40min(so a 20min cooldown) - adding housing to guards in guardtowers

Fixes: - bfix child sounds not beeing registered - fix damage sources of our entites to be entitydamagesources (so attacked citizens recognise raiders correctly) - fix raider attackspeed, previous formula was broken and not scaling at all - fix raiders stuck recognition causing them to ignore entity collision - fixing barracks citizen limit recalculation, was only recalculated on building upgrade instead of citizen assignment - fixed two pathing bugs which caused entites to not move towards their target frequently, e.g. some - raiders not moving to the colony. - fix lumberjack trying to save null values to nbt

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