Mine Mine no Mi

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Filename Mine Mine no Mi - 1.7.10 - 0.3.2.jar
Uploaded by WyndFTWz
Uploaded Jun 30, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10   +1
Size 10.75 MB
Downloads 6,402
MD5 213d500813b076e64a05d108d60e69c5
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


  • Config Options
    • [NEW] Permissions for all available commands,
      • 0 - EVERYONE can use this command without restrictions
      • 1 - EVERYONE can use this command ONLY on themselves
      • 2 (default) - ONLY OPs can use this command
    • [NEW] Enchantment ID configs
    • [NEW] Ability Restrictions
      • By default there should be 2 entries (example1 and example2) to show you how to add new ones and which format to use
      • Can be used in pre-existent worlds
      • Eating a Devil Fruit will not award the user with any of the banned abilities (banned abilities will also now be present in the tooltips)
      • If any player already has a banned ability don't worry, banned abilities will dissapear when the user joins the world
  • Devil Fruits & Abilities
    • [NEW] Gomu Gomu no Mi
      • Gear Second - Speed buff and smoke particles while active
      • Gear Forth - Added a jump buff while this ability is active
    • [NEW] Yuki Yuki no Mi
      • Fubuki - added some new particle effects
      • Yuki Rabi - added some new particle effects
    • [CHANGED] Rokushiki
      • Tekkai - users will no longer be able to jump while using this ability
    • [CHANGED] Fishman Karate
      • Samehada Shotei - users will no longer be able to jump while using this ability
  • Items
    • [NEW] Dials were added back, can be used as blocks (read as traps) as well
    • [NEW] Marine & Pirate outfits were added back (mainly for RP purposes since they don't offer much armor)
    • [NEW] Cola Backpack - +200 Max Cola for Cyborgs
    • [NEW] Kuja Bow - added back with 3 color variations
    • [NEW] Usopp's Ranged Weapons were added (Ginga Pachinko, Kabuto and Kuro Kabuto)
  • Mobs
    • [CHANGED] Raised the max health of the Marine/Pirate Captain entity (20 → 50)
    • [CHANGED] Adjusted some values for Marine/Pirate with Gun entity
  • [NEW] Replaced some of the particles with 'HD' (128x128) ones (still WIP, vanilla settings do not affect these particles, more to come)
  • [NEW] Marines and Pirates will now randomly spawn throughout the world
  • [CHANGED] Ability slots can now be binded to different keys


  • Devil Fruits & Abilities
    • Armors will no longer be rendered while the user is morphed
    • Barrier Abilities will no longer remove blocks
    • The blocks spawned by Black Box will no longer be absorbed by Liberation
    • ZoanMorph entities will now be visible during multiplayer
    • Coup de Vent won't get stuck anymore in the charging state forever
    • Fixed the bug where Uchimizu would only shoot 1 projectile
    • Kamakura Jussoshi will no longer crash / disconnect the players
    • Hie Hie no Mi users will no longer be able to walk on water while near kairoseki or with kairoseki items in their inventory
    • Venom Demon's poison trail will no longer spawn in water
    • Dying in water while in a zoan form will no longer crash the game
    • Fiddle Banff will no longer hurt the user
  • Marine Captains have the correct textures assigned to them
  • Fixed a rare occurence where devil fruit boxes would not open
  • SHIPS WILL SPAWN AGAIN ! <sub>(also fixed their spawners)</sub>
  • Fixed some telemetry bugs
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Right-Click seems to not always remove abilities from their slots
  • [Multiplayer Only] Other players will still be able to see armor rendering on zoans