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Filename Mine and Slash-1.15.2-3.5.0.jar
Uploaded by mcrobertx22
Uploaded Mar 31, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 9.51 MB
Downloads 469
MD5 123af8233e4f602674a50aabb768ff5a
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Java 8
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* added bestiary (you'll see it in your main hub anyway)
* added experimental way that makes thrown weapons work.
(mod devs literally just have to set player as the true damage source and have the itemstack saved somewhere in either the class fields, nbt or datamanager.)
* better item names on ground, now also works for all items with stats
* reduced log spam
* item names only render when close now, woops.
* uniques no longer have affixes but their unique stats are now increased
* removed conditional chaos stats (on low crit..etc , boring)
* chaos stats are now more elaborate, you can't get armor on weapons etc. Also added a few more of them.
* tweaked unique gears to be more generally useful
* added new affixes, you won't like them.
* modify station now has particles and sound effects
* modify station now goes boom when item goes poof
* reworked most gamechanger talents to more accurately show what stats they affect
* removed elemental affinity stat
* armor no longer reduces elemental damage (bug)
* elemental resists are now percents
* penetration can now move resists into minus
* minus resists mean it not only doesn't decrease damage, it increases damage (this is a penetration buff)
* phys and ele attack damages now have number ranges (would you believe me if i told you this took about 10 hours to accomplish without bugtesting afterwards?)
* trimmed down tiers from 20 to 5. The difficulty spike should be felt now.
* most gear can now get elemental resists as secondary stats
* added mob affixes, they're datapacks
* renamed mob rarities
* hell lord shouldnt be able to spawn in wooden dungeons anymore
* fix mobs dropping loot based on player level instead of mob level
* made mobs have more thematic rarity names, this also allows them to be configured with the lang file
* fire shouldnt be able to spread or destroy blocks in dungeon dimension anymore

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