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Filename Mine and Slash-1.15.2-3.1.11.jar
Uploaded by mcrobertx22
Uploaded Mar 1, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 7.95 MB
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MD5 3a0722f658346780b706f94d8cdfe125
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* attempt to fix parties
* should stop auto salvage bag from salvaging enchanted or named items.
* reduced map loot drops a bit
* fix key of unity and key of new dawn.
* mobs in maps shouldnt despawn anymore
* should fix party commands needing OP
* try fix party members being able to kill each other
* added new dungeon rooms
* made dungeon size random but usually smaller
* dungeon will attempt to limit boss rooms to 1 or 2
* attempt to make mobs not move until they see player in dungeons
* made parties not save on server reboot due to lag.
* fix nullp in loot gen
* try fix structure blocks not being activated in dungeons
* fix being able to place blocks in dungeons
* added party exp sharing if nearby
* make it possible to destroy graves from other mods in dungeons.
* nerfed boss and mythic mobs dmg a bit
* loot tweaks
* fix death not losing exp
* fixed each map portal having its own dungeon
* made ticks to update dungeon blocks faster
* fixed blink strike server crash
* fix map chest dropping itself
* made mobs scale less hard per map tier
* fix map dmg affix always generating at max value
* updated chinese lang
* updated chinese lang by mcfensi
* nerf to refreshing breeze and bleed mastery
* nerf blood mage
salvage fix
This is not something i do lightly, but with me starting to turn my stuff into datapacks, it's something i would have to do sooner or later.
Better now than after people already make datapacks.

So bad news first:
* converted all my registry ids to same rules minecraft uses, which means no spaces and all lowercase., this might break some stats on old items, sorry!
For example Physical Damage had id of "damage_flat" but the actual stat is called "physical_damage". So if you wanted to add the stat, you'd use "physical_damage_flat" but it wouldn't work.
Now it should work fine as long as you know the correct stat name and prefix/suffix combos. You can do high_physical_damage_flat, low_physical_damage_flat etc.
The bad news for users is that a lot of items will either break, like plate armors. Or have invalid affixes/chaos stats/primary stats etc. I suggest a new world.
I added a temporary system that auto formats all old names to this standard, but it's not perfect and some might not work. Ignore errors about unknown registries.
Now the good news:
* This is in preparation to allow the mod to be more configurable with datapacks. And as that requires things to be intuitive.. I had to rename a lot of things.
* runes, runewords, affixes, sets and unique gears are now fully moddable with datapacks! This might have some issues so i'll need some guniea pigs to test it!
I tested it myself on client and server but it's not foolproof.
* changed compatible items into datapacks. If you're worried you lose your old progress, there's a command that outputs them into new format: "/slash old convert compatible_items".
Also there's a similar method convertToNewFormat for mod devs that use code. But i strongly suggest they switch to datapacks too. If you need help switching, call me on discord.
It's not really that hard, as the object has a .toJson() method, and that's most of the hard work.

* maps are no longer open world, now they are dungeons!
* they no longer reset on game reboot unless the dimension is reaching its limit (and that's just me being way too careful)
* it's now just 1 dimension for now, so server owners should be happy i think. Also it's a flatworld with no worldgen besides my dungeon, so should be lag free
* dying in maps no longer prevented. This means dying will be painful and you will have to go back to your gear!
* removed map leave pearls. You have to find a portal to get back (always at entrance and sometimes elsewhere, usually end room)
* increased loot drops by a bunch in maps
* finishing quest no longer reduces lootdrops in map
* you are now encouraged to explore the map slowly, in fear of traps or dying from unseen mobs. Instead of running like a chicken and aoeing mobs to death.
* balance will be wack, except either too easy or too hard exploring. Will be ironed out.
* maps are no longer limited by time. The reason is simple, there are ZERO ongoing spawners. You can't farm anything. If you clear all the mobs, that's it. Find another map for a new adventure!
* you can't BREAK or PLACE ANY blocks in maps! This will change the gameplay a bunch. Parkour has to be done, mistakes can't be undone and mobs can't be blocked under a dirthut.

* removed map quests, they aren't feasible in current map system. If there's quest with kill 50 mobs, and only 49 mobs in a dungeon, it'd be impossible.
Even if i ensured there's 50 mobs in a dungeon, if 1 falls in lava, quest is still impossible. Also, the only reason i added quests is to try make the old map system a bit more fun. Which i think helped only slightly.
* added recipe for increase map tier item in tinkering station
* most loot crate rewards now cant drop common rarity
* fix loot crates without nbt crashing game
* added divine shield cleric spell
* added poisoned weapons druid spell
* added synergies: blizzard, thunder dash, poisoned weapons
* added a whole new ranger skill tree with its own synergies!
* added new unique items
* disabled my workaround that allowed dimension deletition because it caused server crashes, it's no longer needed anyway.
* decreased item requirements a bit
* fix runewords
* only 1 unique rune per runed item is now allowed
* fix some heals not working
* reduced boss hp, increased xp and loot
* fixed shield textures
* trying out a new system to balance map drops. Bascically i don't want people spamming them all the time, but i don't want people spending hours insta killing overworld mobs for them either.
So i made a system that buffs drops if you're outside a map dimension, but nerfs them if you're inside. This should make maps a lot more precious and time gated, and allow for people to do
other minecraft things in the meantime.
* increased loot droprates in maps a bit.
* grouped all my commands under /slash
This should make using commands a lot easier
* added simple party system, untested. /slash party. For now it should disable friendly fire
* added /slash generate compatible_items modid. To auto generate large amounts of compatible item files with default values. Should save some time.
* removed dragon egg like loot chest, now it's a "regular" chest. Basically works like vanilla but it's my block, in the future i'd like to give it different textures.
* dimension configs now default to scale to player level on modded dimensions. Unsure if this is better.
* fix spell tree not adding stats
* made higher map tiers have better rarity drops
* added currency that turns maps into maps good for leveling

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