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Filename Mine and Slash-1.15.2-3.0.10.jar
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Uploaded Feb 10, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
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* buffed rarity drops default config (needs config reset)
* loot crates now dont spawn with low rarities
* added map info overlay. very simple percentages but should be enough.

* salvage station now stops working if there isn't at least 1 empty output slot
* fix regen not working if it's less than 1
* added a new crate type
* fixed mobs only spawning as epic or rare
* rarity kill requirements now scale exactly to configured rarity weight. So increasing mythic mob spawns in config will increase quest requirements for them too.

* fix group members having different quest requirement numbers
* map worlds now have no level restriction for legendary and mythic mobs
* altered quest time to scale with requirements
* quest req now scale with map tier
* map spawners now have chance to be random mob in maps, be careful!
* map death minute punishment now scales with map tier
* fixed stat bug that didnt allow them to go into minus. this will make maps a lot harder!
* fixed infinite map ticket bug
* fix map reward crate give method.

* attempting to fix teleport bugs
* fix elemental affinity crash
* added giveallstatstesting command
* fix quest completition being ints and not floats

* should fix map quest error

* map quests are now shared completition correctly
* removed torch active effect
* added 2 new synergies
* added achievements for mob rarity kills and boss kills
* updated chinese translations by mcfensi

* fix spell/talent screens for super HD mega large monitors
* fix weapon durability not being affected by rarity, fixes swords having lower dura too
* various spell buffs
* fix lvl up msg

* fixed wands doing double dmg on right click
* changed lvl up message
* changed default spell hotbar swap key to R
* runes and runed gear now dont drop bellow lvl 8.
* should fix trident server crash

* fixed spell hotbar not having correctly setup keybinds
* fixed dimensionconfigs names
* fixed weapons with elemental dmg having more stats than intended




Spells are no longer items, you now learn them as you level up!
They are separated currently into 5 classes and you can pick one or all, but you won't have enough points to take all the spells.
So you have to specialize. But my intent is to make dual or even triple classing a viable thing.

Now here's the first few classes:

* SHAMAN - thunder
* EMBER MAGE - fire
* OCEAN MYSTIC - water
* DRUID - nature
* CLERIC - heal/buff class that uses all elements.

Shamans can throw tridents of lightning or summon thunderstorms.
Ember Mages can set their foes on fire and deal massive lasting damage.
Ocean Mystics use power of water and ice to deal damage and even sometimes heal.
Druids use nature based spells to heal or damage their enemies.
Clerics have the strongest heals but lack attacking methods.

Another thing to note is that all spells now will be UNIQUE. Meaning they will all differ somehow.
I am completely abandoning my previous approach that every element based spell must have a counterpart for each element.

This means more FUN for you, but also more balancing problems. Which is why i'd prefer if the community points out not only weak spells, but OP ones too.

Each class's gameplay will be based on a thing called SYNERGY.
You unlock synergies the same way you unlock spells. They power a certain spell to make it do additional, often gameplay changing effects.

For example a synergy can make Frostball consume Shiver stacks to deal extra damage.

Classes also have certain things that make multi classing viable.
For example the Shiver effect from Ocean Mystic's Whirlpool not only reduces water resistance, but fire resistance too.


Map system was overhauled to have objectives and rewards. You now have more agency against RNG by being able to pick which maps to do based on their rewards,
which are listed on the map item. It could reward runes, unique items, currency etc. You can pick what you want!

You need to finish the objectives fast to get good score. Your reward crate's item rewards will depend on your score.

After you're done with the objective, map's drops will be lowered substantially. You've effectively "cleared" the map.


Every hostile mob has a small chance to become a boss.
"Boss" is considered a rarity. It's a special rarity for mobs.
Bosses drop a lot more loot but they also use strong spells against you!

Currently there 3 different Summoner type bosses. They summon mobs when you bring them down to a certain hp percent.
I have ideas for more bosses too, like a healer type boss that heals nearby hostile mobs.
Bosses can only spawn in adventure maps.

removed factory station (its use was replaced by the more interesting currency system and modify station)
added azure's gui overlay option
fix modify station tooltips a bit
player lvl up token and config removed
try fix player vanilla lvls being wrong after teleporting to maps
changed config from common to server so it syncs automatically to clients.
nerfed crit rate talents
nerfed wand aoe
talent tree now reminds you which button to click to show more stat info
trait stats now use same keybind to show more info
map device no longer can increase tier or lvl of maps, its now done through currency items in modify station
group maps no longer require standing near the person sacrificing the map, you can now click a button on the map device gui
to sacrifice a map, just right click map device with the map
map isnt used up anymore if there isn't enough space for portals
stations now tick more smoothly
salvaging maps now gives map related currencies or ores only.
added map currencies like +tier +lvl etc
overlay now updates more often to be smoother
map back pearl now teleports back instantly
hud should be back faster now after changing dimensions
adventure map bonus loot is now smaller cus i'm adding loot crate as completition reward
pressing same keybind should now close the gui
map leave pearl no longer shows map stats, thats now in new map info gui
maps have less affixes but they're stronger
added main hub gui
maps now have a quest and loot crate as a reward!
armor requirements are no longer random (wis or int), now they are always wis and int etc (existing gear will have a change, beware)
enchanted/renamed items no longer get auto put in bags. Should stop some annoyances
configs should now sync to client on login
spell damage renamed to spell power. Should make more sense if nature power increases healing, than nature damage increasing healing
loot now drops based on highest damager. So if you do most dmg to mob and it dies to fire, it will still drop loot!
fixed scaling spell dmg not being applied
removed some stats based on old spells which no longer exist. (runewords affected have other stats boosted)
talent and spell trees are now FULLSCREEN!
as there were too many keybinds, now guis will have to be accessed from the main hub (H). (Main hub, Hotbar swap + 5 hotbar buttons is already 7 keybinds!)
lowered stat scaling a bit
staffs and wands now need more energy and less mana.
added config for logging registry entries like compatible items
added config for setting specific dimension lvl 1 area in case spawn position is buggy or you have other needs
base player stats are now in the folder for json configs. You can add any stat now.
added configs for loot and xp penalty for level difference and if it should activate if player is lower lvl or just when higher lvl.
added configs for level penalties for loot and xp, you can define ranges and multipliers now, allows much more customization, even increasing loot for higher lvl mobs kills.
map dimensions are once again dynamic! You enter the dimension for the map you sacrificed, not whichever map was last sacrificed at the device,
If you want to play with friends, use group maps!
Added stat scale configs.
added command to summon bosses
added new traits to talent tree, i'd advise looking at the left of the tree now :p
spells and area attacks no longer attack caster, pets or other players. I feel this might be undersirable for pvp servers.. I'll see what i can do, maybe a config?
normal weapons now have chance to do partly elemental attack damage. Should helper elemental builds before players get the uniques.
leather armor now has dodge as primary stat
dodging now has sound effect, allowing you to know how useful it is!
added simple mob bar gui until neat mod ports

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