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Filename Mine and Slash-1.14.4-2.8.11.jar
Uploaded by mcrobertx22
Uploaded Sep 25, 2019
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wands now use right click too
increased gear droprate a bit cus of added gear types (config change)
wands and staffs now need a minimum charge on right click to shoot
shield secondary armor stat is now much higher
increased max armor and ele resist % from 75% to 80%
added a new currency item
staff right click attack now multiplies dmg more but costs more too
bolt spells now cost twice as much but do twice as much dmg
added wands! (thanks tom for the textures!) balance still wonky. will adjust probably
staffs now cost mana too but less energy
fixed bomb and explosion spells. woops.
added a few particles to spells
staffs now work like bows
projectiles now no longer randomly miss as they work like arrows
buffed homing
could be buggy
fixed items generating with 3 secondary stats
should fix the server crash on profession gui
buffed wisdom ele resist bonus
buffed armor values and made the difference between plate, leather and cloth less
fixed armor scaling
increased stat requirements by a bit
made it easier to get armor and ele resist %
slimes now give less exp
updated the modified neat integration to have configs, they are in mmorpg-client file.
wisdom now gives less regens but also gives elemental resists
stamina now gives bit of ene regen too
fixed another server crash
fix another server crash
added chinese and taiwanese lang translations by yt0535
fixed server side crash
increased jewerly durability max values
fixed picked stats capability and professions cap not saving over death
fixed no command found error on lvl up

Added stats on lvl up! These stats are now much more important as gear has requirements for them.

Added armor types! Cloth, Leather, Plate!

* cloth needs int, wis, leather needs dex, sta, plate needs vit str
* normal items randomly get either 1 stat as requirement, or both at half the value
* unique items have unique requirements :thonK:
* higher gear rarities have higher stat requirements
* to reset your allocated stat points you need alchemy to craft a regret potion
* at early lvls requirements will be 0 but at lvl 10 or so they will slowly start and increase till max lvl.
* core stats (vit, dex etc) will become much more important in gearing and you should probably focus on getting those on your gear to fulfil the requirements

The way stat requirements on gear work is:
- your stats are calculated even if you don't current meet the stat requirement
- at the end of stat calculation, if you don't meet the requirement, you get a hefty penalty on your stats.
- each unmet gear requirement adds additional penalty up to a max.
- this means if gear gives you + 10 stamina and requires 50 stamina while you have 40. You won't get a penalty because after calculation, you have 50 stamina.

All old items will be plate. Still not sure what to do as their ID is "chest" instead of "plate_chest", might fix it with a breaking change when an expansion happens or 1.15 port.

books can't be used with less than 10 durability
trimmed down unique stats a bit. Less stats, stronger stats
some perf improvements
weapon tooltips are now less informative by default, but shift shows all the previously available info
gear tooltips now remove empty lines if there's more than 30 or so lines.
gear no longer breaks, they remain at 1 durability (but i cant assure you that so try not to keep them at 1 dura)
gears now don't add stats if they have less than 10 durability. This is a fix for mods that prevent items from being broken and keep them at 1 durability.
They should be now useless as they are supposed to.
added on stat calculation event. You can use this to add stats from your own sources, or remove them lol
added collect gear event. This should allow a bit more addon support.
core stats like dexterity now scale a lot slower. (code rewrite, bugs possible)
fixed player base stats scale value applying to lvl 1 value
sped up modify station a bit

I expected balance problems and bugs, please report them!

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