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Filename Mine and Slash-1.14.4-2.7.3.jar
Uploaded by mcrobertx22
Uploaded Sep 18, 2019
Game Version Forge
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MD5 0fbc42d1e0aa88a898935f7746f31c18
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* if repair only in station is set true in config, mod's items won't be able to be combined in craft, repaired in anvil or in other vanilla blocks.
This is a fix to items being combinable in craft grid, but is probably it'll stop repair from other mods too. Either way it suits the config name.
updated to forge 28.1.10
added xp penalty on death (configurable)
buffed regenerate to heal twice as fast. This is a 100% buff, i'll probably have to nerf it a bit
jewerly can now be enchanted with unbreaking
attempting performance improvements
updated to forge 28.1.6
fixed bonus weapon dmg spell
nerfed major arcana chaos stats a bit, they had too many stats.
added a new currency item that gives great chaos stats, but is rare and gives large break chance.
added curios min version requirement. not sure if works
added max instability config and increased default value to 500 from 250


Professions are basically a way to craft things, but gated by your profession level. Max lvl of recipes is 100, but max profession lvl is 1000. Each lvl gives tiny bonus chance to
lower material cost and increase output amount.
Currently i added Alchemy and Tinkering.
- Alchemy is used to create potions, both instant and buffs, to help you restore mana etc. It also contains special potions like one that teleports you to your bed.
- Tinkering is a profession used to create currencies.

Start using them by creating Alchemy and Tinkering Stations.

Profession stations can only be used by 1 person each. You occupy it forever when you place it. This is because of the level system limitations.
As a bonus though, if you lose your profession levels (they are attached to your player data) you can recover them by opening the profession block because they are stored there too.
Of course the level is whatever lvl you were at the last time you used the station.

I think professions will be really cool because they work like villager trading, so no need to remember craft grid order of materials or use JEI. I'll just have to balance them correctly.
I also want to add some more interesting features to them, but don't have ideas currently.

updated to Release Build of forge 28.1.1
updated curios build
homing projectile now checks for alive entities only
removed hearthstone and attunement block. I feel all they added was confusion.
removed crafting recipes of currencies, they are now made by profession called Tinkering.
added recall potion to alchemy
removed some old potions, added many more new ones
fixed elemental focus stat
added 4 new super rare unique hammers.
added 4 new super rare unique rings.
fixed tooltips a bit. Infusions are now merged in tooltip stats too, same with unique stats, less clutter

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