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Filename Mine and Slash-1.14.4-2.6.4.jar
Uploaded by mcrobertx22
Uploaded Sep 11, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 3.04 MB
Downloads 451
MD5 1bbbc0fff308564327065850892430c3
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Java 8


fixed map dimensions
fixed ThunderAtronach stat
compatible item option statsAddedOnlyOnDrop now actually works
increased loot drops of higher rarity mobs
updated to latest forge v100
made chaos orbs not activate instability break chance
made all base player stats (by config) scale normally again
reduced flat hp of some affixes and runewords
fixed items that increase mob rarity and lvl to actually update client side
fixed armor not getting damaged.
fixed a crash on loot generation
This could be called the hardcore update! I know a lot of you won't like any of this so i kept most of it configurable:

* INSTABILITY! Gear items have this value and as you use currency items the instability increases.
The higher the instability the higher the break chance. This means the more you modify the item, the more likely it will break.
Some items like Chaos Orb reduce instability. If any other item would do this, it'd be an item like the chaos orb that has a chance to make the item worse. (you're encouraged to risk it)
-Now the why. Because it adds SCARCITY. And this will be the theme of more of my mods (if i can get some good ideas). Basically, to ensure BIS (Best in Slot) items are very hard to get.
And to stop the gameplay of farming currencies at endgame to just reroll your existing items into perfection.

* STAT GROWTH FORMULA CHANGES! now instead of stats being x * level. They are in a different formula that makes them grow slower at low lvls (lvl 2 mobs are no longer 2 times stronger than lvl 1) but a lvl 100 mob is now MUCH stronger than a lvl 90.
(this will likely lead to bugs! Beware of weirdness in stats and battle)

there is no longer many dmg numbers for every element you do, it's all combined into 1 now. (highest dmg element is shown)
i changed internal code of it, could be buggy
swords now work like vanilla ones and do aoe

This makes it so items from my mod can only be repaired with other items from my mod. This also goes with the scarcity in mind ideal of the update but i will keep it off by default-
because i think too many people would be asking why their mending enchant doesn't work or why they can't repair their gear with x method.
I made it cus too many mods add OP repair options and that makes any kind of balance impossible without days of tweaking and disabling items/features of other mods.

Prettier tooltips while still retaining the old ones on Shift click for more clarity
many stats are now merged so no duplicates
unique item lores are now cut over multiple lines if they are too long.

Other more minor changes:
reduced droprates a bit (config change, i feel there's a bit too much drops cus i kept adding more and more types of loot)
added bonus droprate for loot of lvl 5 and less if player is also lvl 5 or less
fixed a bug that made all adventure maps have double droprate
reduced repair values of materials by a bit
nerfed instant heal % hp value, buffed base value
fixed weakness making weapons unusable (will still happen on some compatible weapons i assume)
removed config for instant attack speed.
reduced player hp regen at lvl 1 (early game seemed to be a snooze fest where you can't die)
default non mod dmg is now 0. Should prevent weirdness like lvl 1 players able to kill lvl 100 mobs. (was 3% before)
added durability to jewerly and spells
made rarities rarer (finding mythics will be much harder now, use currencies wisely)
items drop with less current durability now
reduce durability items spawn in at higher lvls but increases at lower lvls
updated to latest forge and curios version

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