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Filename Mine and Slash-1.14.4-2.4.8.jar
Uploaded by mcrobertx22
Uploaded Aug 11, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 2.85 MB
Downloads 32
MD5 fee4eb43254a2cc9c7ab89909bd1a5f5
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no longer re-register enchants. just change the type (ignore this)
made all registered spells use the 3d model by default, with option to disable it for addon makers
map sacrificing now activates a chat message to all players that recieve the map stats
increased unarmed energy cost 1 to 1.5
snowballs can no longer be used to effectively make melee weapons ranged with 0 cooldown. (this could lead to other issues. i plan to rework the whole system..)
added /givemapinfo command, i'd like to ask people who use group maps with their friends to use that command on themselves and then give me the server log file (should help me figure out the group map bug)
updated to forge v45. You need that version or higher now.
update curios too.
attempt to fix group map issue
awaken runeword items now preview the runeword stats on the tooltip (not fully accurate but u get to know the stats at least)
buffed block a bit
shields now grant knockback immunity for the next attack when blocking.
fix crash in newest forge version hopefully
updated to forge v40
changed from blockevent to onblockavtivated
changed stat tooltips to more accurately clarify what the stat type does (% stats like crit now prefix with "Flat" and + 5% Percent is now + 5% Increased)
fixed gui numbers
fix currency bug where uniques could get sets etc
all currency items now show the requirements on the tooltip when pressing shift! (there will probably be some bugs cus major refactoring..)
fixed level nearest entity item
added auto bag tooltips

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