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Filename Mine and Slash-1.14.4-2.2.10.jar
Uploaded by mcrobertx22
Uploaded Jul 30, 2019
Game Version 1.14.4
Size 3.01 MB
Downloads 10
MD5 c0311bf1d1129deb787e1508bd899b91
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


unified bow uniques and buffed a bit
/giveawakenruneword now can give specific runewords
localized egg
fixed currency bag
should fix spells always being salvaged
armor stands can no longer get stats
added more safety to registry initialization
added currency items to registry
add secondary stat can no longer be added infinitely.
should fix restorelevel not working correctly
added defaultconfig back to dimension configs
transfered mod entity configs to registry system
removed player capability save workaround (if lvl is erased, do /restorelevel , if that doesn't work, get an OP to /setlevel on you)
attempt to fix group maps behaving weird
compatible items now use my new registry system too.
added warning on using weapon in offhand
added modifyItem op command to test the new item modification system
transfered dimension configs to my registry system. this means better logging (you can check logs to make sure the configs registered)
fixed dimension configs being added too late, making mob spawns on world load not respect them
configs now loaded at better time
added warning on no space for map device portals
added first adv map advancement
bows no longer work melee
reworked unique item registry, it was not using my new registry system properly, also added more error checking to my registry
reduced spell dmg randomness a bit
initial update to forge 1.14.4, probably unstable. Doesn't work on 1.14.3!
reduced mob spell resist
added level penalty advacement
more code reworks, this time item types and their data.
please check if auto salvage bags work right along with salvage stations and item modification
added super rare suffix
added more mob configs, please test if they work! (stuff like min lvl, min rarity, lvl modifier etc. hp multi.)
fixed runewords
fixed runes
reworked my registry system so it uses my registry classes instead of plain old hashmaps. This should reduce crashes as now instead of returning null, it returns empty or default classes in case no key is in the registry
unstable because this needs to be tested a bit to make sure everything works, but should increase stability in the long run.
renamed my code packages to include both my curseforge name and my mod name
added a super rare ring unique
should fix /restorelevel not working
fix crash on unknown stat. now it shouldn't crash anymore, but just give a warning, and only once
fix capacitors being extracted
added 4 new spells. bonus dmg on weapon hits! For all those who don't like the spell system much and prefer to use weapons.
unique items should now be enchantable
weapons should now be able to get weapon enchants
nerfed hp per lvl a bit (needs config delete/adjust)
swords are now faster (i think?)
fixed rune tooltips wrong numbers
made rare maps less rare
trying to fix atk speed to be more fluid
improved projectile targeting a bit
added item for clearing runes and runewords from an item
most spells have their cast speed increased
tweaked some code to be cleaner, could cause weird bugs
created a level backup system. there's a command /restorelevel that any1 can use. it restores the highest level gotten by that player
added an item that adds group affix to map
made nova hit more consistently i hope
added 2 high lvl sets

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