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Filename Mine and Slash-1.14.3-2.0.19.jar
Uploaded by mcrobertx22
Uploaded Jul 7, 2019
Game Version 1.14.3
Size 2.62 MB
Downloads 54
MD5 2a17487257f4019626fad411314a0788
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all spells now got a visual upgrade by matpac!
added 2 new small dungeons to adventure maps
added group map affix. these map affixes are rare and spawn usually on high rarity maps. they allow a group to easily get teleported to the same location (if they are close when map is sacrificed)
added particles to show who the sacrificed map affected.
increased exp required for higher lvls
made aoe projectile spells cast faster
added more advacements
map portals now spawn you in the air as a bandaid fix
try fix dying in map portals again
reverted portals to once again easily allow grouping
fire spells got a visual upgrade by matpac!
nature spells now named venom instead of acid
try fix players falling into void, if it still happens please tell me a bit more how it happens and what happens. (are you teleported into ground and slowly fall into void?)
salvage station now uses capacitor for bonus
fix salvaging bags always giving a bonus
portals teleport a bit faster now
map device now teleports correctly to the map you sacrificed, instead of the last map someone sacrificed.
weapons should now be enchatable
teleporting to and from maps now gives you a teleport guard buff. This buff should check if player is in a bad situation like suffocating or falling into the void and help that not happen.
mobs now have armor and elemental penetration, should make them hit a bit harder
fix some harmless model log errors hopefully
try fix spells destroying themselves on cave air and similar blocks
fix spells not hitting closest enemy correctly
fix spells not hitting enemy if they are too close at start of cast
fix bomb spells going up
fix comp item tooltip, doesnt show when item has stats now
traits now show stats on shift click
added more safety to player capability saving
should fix weird tooltip bug on items on some servers
added reload config command
added entity configs, for whole mods and for specific entities. For now its just for exp and loot multiplier. First it checks if a mod's id is in the config and uses that, but if there's an entity id in the other map, it will use the entity config instead.
that means you can set say every lycanite mob to have x config, but make only 2 of their mobs have specific configs.
you can use if some mobs from other mods are really hard and deserve higher loot drops or if they seem to drop too little loot etc.
fixed dimension configs to work
fix default comp items config. added config for the item to be loot or not
attempt to fix on death crash
added config for disabling death in maps (disable it if you crash)
all mine and slash items are now compatible items, meaning you can take them out of creative and they will get stats
(requires deletition of compatible items config file so it's recreated with all the values)
buffed torches regen and changed their secondary stats
buff base ene regen
staffs now refund half the energy on miss
min ene regen on items buffed
nerfed leg and mythic mobs a bit more
reduced map droprate
buffed block strength
items now properly stack in bags
awakening items now actually stack!
buffed spells more
staff now casts faster projectiles
nerfed auto salvage bag
stat reroll currency now rarer
nether map drops nerfed
a forge bug made hp/mana/energy regen happen 2 TIMES FASTER, so players were a bit overpowered. I feel 2 times slower would be too much so..
* total ene from 100 to 150
* total mana from 50 to 75
* base ene regen 5 to 6
(these require server config file reset/adjust)
bolt spells cast speed is twice faster now
nerfed salvaging a bit (i ended up having way too many ores in my playthrough)
fix stone of hope not working
buffed spell dmg
nerfed mob hp in some maps
nerfed leg and mythic mob hp
fix chaos stats tooltip
fix map stats dont applying to players
tweak loot egg drop location
fix ghost runeword duplicate rune
try fix server crash on player death in map
fixed thundering affix giving flat dmg instead of percent
fixed render bar performance being slow
small perf tweaks
added config to not reset map dimensions on load (servers might want to use this)
fixed map data not saving resulting in infinite map time if you reload game.
attempt to fix dying twice in maps
fix runes not being inserable into modify station
increased base spell dmg a bit
fixed runed gear tooltips
fixed tower structure ladders
fixed some tooltip errors
new icons made by Matpac added!
fixed server crash
added a few basic advancements to serve as a guide
swords and hammers got a graphic overhaul, also ores

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