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Now that the warning is out, it's not as bad as it sounds. I changed my way of saving data, like player levels and item stats etc. So most things should break.

The good news is that this update is so big, you'll probably be fine with starting over. Besides, there's always /setlevel command if you don't want to level all the way back.

Now onto the features!


Added Maps! These are items that spawn a portal to a temporary world(dimension) where stronger and higher leveled mobs exist.
There are many differences to maps, even just the basic ones are world generation. Some maps are deserts, others are forests and so on.
Maps also have affixes, the higher rarity of a map, the more affixes.
Maps are limited by time, anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.
BEWARE, after time is out, maps get deleted. So try not to die in the last minute of a map. (you might not be fast enough to get your loot back)

Map affixes either make it tougher for the player or buff the mobs that spawn in maps.
The more affixes, the more loot drops.

These affixes will push you into different builds, a map might reduce sword damage, so you'll take an axe.
Or it might increase mob fire resistance, so you'll use thunder damage.

Now, why to do this? Well gear progression of course!



Unique items have no primary or secondary stats, but they have unique stats.

Unique items can exist for multiple reasons:
1) they have stats normal items don't have (Elemental conversion)
2) they have stats items of the same type don't have (mana regen on a helmet)
3) they enable builds (low flat stats but high percent bonuses)
4) they are OP but have huge drawbacks
5) they are OP
6) any of the above in combination

So don't throw away a unique thinking it's crap, maybe you think minus to lifesteal is horrible, but when a map also cripples your lifesteal, that unique becomes OP.
(because the drawback is nearly eliminated)

Press F6 (default key) to view all possible unique item drops in a map you're in.
Uniques are limited per map tier. Some drop at tier 0 maps while others only drop at tier 15 or even higher.


Fixed spells and particles not appearing in multiplayer

Added a billion stats. Well kinda. There's elemental conversion, this increases one element's damage by another's. There's also elemental transfer, same but it decreases the first one to power the second.
There's also weapon damage stats and so on.

4 new rare traits

NEW WEAPON TYPES, axes and staffs! Also, nearly all weapons now have weapon specific stats.


I probably forgot a lot because it's so much. Hope you like the update, i think i can call it an expansion!

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