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What's this mod about?

This mod adds alot of stuff.

Some are from 1.11+ Vanilla other are my own creations.


1.12 Version - here



From Vanilla:

  • Concrete (1.0)
  • Terracotta (1.0)
  • Butt Booster (1.0)
  • Iron Nuggets (1.1)
  • Observer (1.1)
  • Weather Cycle Gamerule (1.2)


  • Cellulose (1.0)
  • Lava Sponge (1.0)
  • Rainbow in a Bottle (1.0)
  • Wither Dust (1.0)
  • Sacred Water (1.0)
  • Cursed Water (1.0)
  • True Creeper (1.1)
  • Peace Creeper (1.1)
  • Super Name Tag (1.1)
  • Colorable Torch (1.2)
  • Ender Carp (1.2)
  • Ancient Carp (1.2)
  • Ancient Essence (1.2)
  • Brainless Shulker (1.2)
  • Brainless Shulker Egg (1.2)
  • Void Creeper (1.2)
  • TimeSkip Clock (NEW 1.3)

Everything can be enabled/disabled in the config file.

Check wiki for more info.



Where can i find the crafing recepies?
You can find them here.
I have a bug to report/suggestion to make!
If you find a bug or have an idea to improve this mod, contribute to the issue list.

I want MineAddons in my mod pack!
Feel free to use it! My only request is to provide a link to this thread.

I want to contribute!
If you feel like doing some modding, the source code of this mod is freely available here.

Can you port it to x.x.x?
I have no intentions of porting this mod to any version below 1.10 but if anyone wants to do it go for it.