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Norman Settlement

Come across small villages while exploring, such as this Norman settlement...

Japanese Settelment

... or this Japanese one, centred on a rice paddy.

Mysterious Mayan Pyramis

Or discover a mysterious Mayan pyramid, abandoned in the jungle.

Listen to the Villagers

Listen to the villagers discussing their job, life or simply the weather.

See What Villagers Are Doing

See what they are doing and what they need in the villages' centres.

Trade With Villagers

Trade with them, to help their villages grow and gain unique blocks, foods and items.

See Villages Develop

See their villages develop in prosperous communities...

Massive Fortresses

...or massive fortresses surrounded by desert.

Hostile Bandits

But be wary in your travels, for hostile bandits and soldiers can be waiting deep in the woods!

Encourage Villages

Encourage villages to trade with one another, or push them to war and see their men battling while the women and children take shelter!

Mysterious Sadhu

And when the pull of adventure becomes too strong, seek out the mysterious Sadhu in the forest to start a great quest on the origins of the world.

Mysertious Panthéon

Who knows, you might even come across the mysterious Panthéon, the massive structure where the contributors and donors to Millénaire are immortalised.