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Filename millenaire-1.12.2-6.2.9.jar
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Uploaded Aug 8, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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- New "idle" goals particularly for children: playing together, observing adults at work, eating apples or grapes...
- Norman villagers' textures are now split between body and clothes for more variations (work by Ticlon and the Tailor Team)
- Significant improvements to the village generation:
-- Improved the detection of biomes around villages to ensure they generate in the appropriate biomes
-- Fixed a bug in the Spawn radius protection system that could allow villages to spawn next to the spawn point
-- Millénaire will no longer cause cascading chunk loading (except when generating hamlets)
-- Speed improvements in village generations, particularly for hamlets
- Improved "forbidden blocks" system by MauveCloud (to avoid villages building on top of player buildings)
- Various improvements in the tool and food fetching system, such as all builders going to fetch better pickaxes and shovels
- Tweaks to the placement of buildings like wells to avoid "out of space" problems
- Fixed a bug in the TendFurnace goal that could cause crashes
- Fixed a bug that could cause beds and doors to drop when built
- Fixed a bug where controlled villages could fill their chests with village scrolls
- Warning if running a Forge version that's too old to be compatible
- Fully updated German translation by xBlackD
- Content Creation improvements:
-- New generic "visit" goal to make it easier to create varied idle goals for flavour (such as the new children idle goals)
-- The types of tools and of food items villagers can use is now configurable
-- The villager type and the new villager config file formats are now auto-documented in millenaire/help
-- Improved logging of some common errors like references to textures that do not exist