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Filename millenaire-1.12.2-6.2.5.jar
Uploaded by FireController1847
Uploaded Jun 10, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 1dfa6a36884e8c02b62e3f74f65d8095
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- Added a setting for uploading a player's achievements to, for online display (ex:
- Villagers are no longer unrealistically tall
- Villagers can now be left-handed
- Fixed a bug that could cause saplings to disappear from groves
- Fixed bugs in several groves that could stop saplings from growing and removed oak trees from the Indian grove as they no longer use any (thanks MauveCloud)
- Fixed a quest-related bug that could crashes when loading a world
- Fixed bug where villagers would teleport inside path blocks instead of above
- Fixed a bug where the Indian quarries did not have furnaces even though they are needed to produce stone
- Indian peasant women will now trade with the player (so that trade is not dependent solely on the wife of the village chief)