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Filename millenaire-1.12.2-6.2.3.jar
Uploaded by FireController1847
Uploaded May 22, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 7.56 MB
Downloads 4,360
MD5 1fa17320d6fc2ebe7723745c4e6eacc8
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- Improved building prioritisation system by MauveCloud
- Translated village type names
- Many language fixes
- Dialogues from the fallback language will now be used if they are not translated in the player's language
- Villagers are now visible client-side from further away, which should solve the "missing villagers" issue
- Reduced range of villagers' mêlée attacks
- Villagers must now produce path blocks to sell to the player
- Experimentally raised the speed at which villagers fill up ground when building and lowered that at which they do the actual constructions
- Fixed a bug from 6.2.2 that could cause config changes not to be taken into account
- Fixed a bug where wood taken for some villagers like miners would become oak even if it was another wood type originally
- Fixed a bug where by default statistics would not get sent
- Fixed a bug where the instructions on contacting villagers would show up when interacting with bandits
- Fixed a bug that prevented changing the stance of hired villagers
- Fixed again a bug where villagers would teleport high in the air, especially when building
- Reverted a fix that solved a compatibility issue with Thaumcraft but causes crashes with Buildcraft. A proper fix that solves both issues will come in a future release