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Filename millenaire-1.12.2-6.2.2.jar
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Uploaded May 19, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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~ ADVANCEMENTS (click me) ~


- The achievements from 6.0 have been converted to advancements
- New culture-specific advancements for reaching a high reputation with a village, completing a village, creating a controlled village and completing a Creation Quest chapter
- Anonymous data on completed advancements is now included in the anonymous Millénaire statistics, for use in a new Steam-like Advancements page (
- Villagers can now open and close all wooden doors
- Two new textures for the Norman wives by JoghurtDipper alongside tweaks to other existing Norman textures
- Lessened tendency of builders to teleport high in the air
- Reduced the range of the breeding goal and boosted that of the slaughtering goal to avoid ever-expanding herds
- Many tweaks to buildings (MauveCloud and others)
- Added support for nether bricks and derived blocks (fences and stairs) in building plans
- Added support for terracotta and glazed terracota in building plans
- Fixed major bug in 6.2.1 that led to village paths not being created properly
- Fixed bug with pathing around cobblestone walls
- Possible fix for repeating crash in rare cases in Region Mapper code
- Fixed bug that could cause villagers to stop putting resources to cook
- Likely fix for bug in time monitoring that could cause crashes on startup
- Fixed a bug that could prevent the anonymous statistics from being sent