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Milán's Perú Mod aims to add another layer of depth and adventure to your Minecraft experience, by bringing in elements characteristic to Peru! The team, as Peruvian natives, have done our best to bring the culture, traditions, flora fauna of our country into the game, in a way that makes it more fun and engaging to play!

This varied mod adds a bunch of new biomes, blocks, mechanics, mobs, plants, foodstuffs, combat items, and much more!


The mod is still in BETA phase, so many of the mechanics and features, while very playable,

will be expanded and finished a lot soon! (A couple are not obtainable in survival)

We have great plans for this project's development!


Features added:

  • - Many building blocks, along with stair and slab variants.
  • - 7 new biomes, inspired directly by the ecoregions of Perú.
  • - 18 new animals that spawn in the new biomes, with new useful drops!
  • - 20 new structures that generate in the new biomes, based on real-life Peruvian ruins.
  • - 50+ new food and drink items, taken from Peruvian cuisine and traditions.
  • - 16 new plants that appear all over your world on certain biomes, and are used for various mechanics.
  • - 6 new potion effects, some will harm you, some will help you!
  • - 3 new tree types, with unique wood variants.
  • - A brand new boss, Wiracocha, based on the Incan creator god.
  • - 3 new armor options.
  • - A couple new ranged and melee weapons.
  • - A new transportation alternative to the boat for water travel.
  • - 3 special music discs.