Metallurgy 4: Reforged

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Filename Metallurgy-4-Reforged-0.2.1.jar
Uploaded by Davoleo_K
Uploaded Jun 20, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.29 MB
Downloads 3,745
MD5 6e1aa027b2ddea6c84658c696a35a9f5
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



- Reworked codebase (optimizations and simplifications)

- Added Taiwan and China localizations

- Fixed crash when playing with BWM and HCChickens enabled

- Rephrased and re-formatted trait descriptions

- Fix rubracium gauntlets interfering with second skin layer

- Industrial Foregoing Laser Drill Integration

- Made tools repairable in the anvil (disabled by default in the mod config)

- Fixed Game freeze when wearing certain Construct’s Armory armors

- Converted blend recipes to shapeless from shaped
- Lemurite Shield (Makes you invisible to other players and mobs)

- Added deep iron trait for TiCon

- Fixed Deep Iron Enchanting Bug
- Fixed Shadow Iron max Y level
- Decrease potion expiration delay

- Increased retrogen debug level to INFO

- Fixed Prometheum and Shadow Steel armor trait
- ProjectE EMC Integration (default EMC values for materials)
- Fixed a de-sync bug that allowed saturation to be higher than hunger points

- Reworked road textures

- Fix recipe registration

- Potash Fertilizer

- Fix Gauntlet duplication bug

- Fix Material Changer compat bug

- Phosphorus Lamp

- Remove duplication effect from all tools except swords

- Added null stats check (potentially fix all conarm related crashes)

- Tweak: Gauntlet now depletes saturation before depleting hunger points

- Many others Gauntlet fixes

- New reworked textures by Matpac! :D (hype)

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