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This mod adds additional barrels to the game that can store more items.


They function like their vanilla counterparts in that they can be opened with a solid block on top and don't cause any fps issues in large numbers unlike chests.



Copper stores 45 stacks

 Iron stores 54 stacks

Silver stores 72 stacks

Gold stores 81 stacks

Diamond stores 108 stacks

Obsidian stores 108 stacks but has a blast resistance of 30 thousand making it resistant to most explosions

Crystal stores 108 stacks but the top 8 items can be seen inside (Note: unlike the other barrels, having a large number of these with items inside will impact fps negatively, I do not recommend using them for large scale projects)


As of 1.1+. there are now upgrade items that can be used to upgrade already placed barrels without breaking them, the contents will not be destroyed or dropped if used.


As of 1.4+, the upgrades will now work on iron chests as well and they upgrade into their respective items.


Upgrade Triangle


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