Merlin's Forge

2,919 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 16, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

Disclaimer: Minecraft Forge for 1.14.4 is slowly maturing. Consider this mod as beta and take necessary precautions. Some features work only in single player mode.


Link to details and recipes: click here.

Schematics: interprets pre 1.13 schematics into the new 'flattened' format. Over 100 schematic library available for download or use your own.



Repair Block: right click to repair any tool, weapon or armor

Spawn Block: spawn villagers, iron golem, traveling merchant/llama, cow, pig, sheep, chicken

Fist Trap Block: randomly traps fish

Mob Killer Block: kills hostile mobs within a 16 block radius and gives instant health to villagers and iron golem.



Merlin's Beef Jerky: instant health and increased absorption. Four servings per item.



/sch list: displays schematics in library
/sch load: loads the schematic into the world
/sch save: saves a designated space (usually containing a structure)
/fillin with: fills in empty spaces
/find with: biome teleports to the nearest biome specified OR structure (e.g. village, sunken_ship, mineshaft)


Merlin's Pickaxe: Highly efficient. Right click to find nearby ores. Kills mobs on contact.
Merlin's Axe: Highly efficient. Right click to fell entire trees and clear mineshafts.
Merlin's Shovel: Highly efficient. Right click to fell entire trees and clear mineshafts.

Merlin's Harvest Staff: harvests ripe plants and re-plants them. Mows down swaths of grass. Makes animals fall in love.

Merlin's Backpack: portable ender chest
Merlin's Traveller's Staff: Point and click teleporting.
Merlin's Finder's Staff: Find nearby mineshafts and villages.
Merlin's Block Marker: Used with /fillin with command to fill empty spaces
Merlin's Schematic Stick: Used to mark blocks for /sch save

Merlin's Shaman Stick: instant health for villagers and iron golem, kills hostile mobs including pillagers and ravagers.


Merlin's Bow: High-powered killer with fire effect on impact.
Merlin's Sword: High-powered. Right click to find nearby hostile mobs.
Merlin's Grenade: Kills nearby mobs on impact



Merlin's Helmet: night vision and protection
Merlin's Chestplate: slow fall and protection
Merlin's Leggings: strength and protection
Merlin's Boots: speed and protection

Tweaks and more.

Displays time,of day (you can disable in config)
Automatic pickup of mob drops (you can disable in config)

A note about schematics: The schematics for 1.12 and earlier do not map to the block ids for 1.13 and later. This mod "translates" the old schematics to the new block definitions (with a few exceptions). Using /sch save uses the new block definitions. The translation is NOT PERFECT so some manual tweaking will be required.



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