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This mod will automatically take screenshots within Minecraft.
Players can then look at them later (sometimes even years later)
and think of the fun times they had playing Minecraft or your mod pack.

This will let players think of the good times they had and maybe even
make them play your mod pack again because they enjoyed it so much!

Key Features:

🌟 Takes screenshots automatically on a set delay.
🌟 Supports 25 different languages!
🌟 Supports all most used Minecraft versions!
🌟 Supports both Forge and Fabric!

🌟 The delay is fully configurable.
🌟 This mod is client side only.

🌟 Leaves memories of your game / mod pack on the players' PC.
🌟 The mod is VERY LIGHTWEIGHT and won't lower performance.


The delay for each screenshot is set to 15 minutes by default.
The timer starts when the player joins a world so it doesn't take screenshots of the Main Menu :)

The first screenshot will be taken after 5 minutes of playtime, but of course,
this and the delay between each screenshot is customizable.
You can also disable the in-game screenshot message in the config.

Saves the screenshot in the default "screenshots" folder.


Messages and languages.

This screenshot shows the messages that will show up when a screenshot is taken. 
In between the screenshots, I changed the language from English to French
and then to Dutch to show the multi language support. (39 languages in total)

Messages and Languages

Screenshots folder

Screenshots folder



Supported Languages

  • English: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and many other countries
  • Spanish: Spain, Mexico, Central America, South America, and parts of the Caribbean
  • German: Germany, Austria, and parts of Switzerland
  • Swedish: Sweden
  • Norwegian: Norway
  • Finnish: Finland
  • Dutch: The Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of Suriname
  • Chinese: China, Taiwan, and parts of Southeast Asia
  • French: France, Canada, and parts of Africa
  • Japanese: Japan
  • Korean: South Korea and North Korea
  • Portuguese: Portugal, Brazil, and parts of Africa
  • Russian: Russia and parts of Eastern Europe
  • Italian: Italy, Switzerland, and parts of Croatia and Slovenia
  • Polish: Poland
  • Indonesian: Indonesia
  • Hindi: India
  • Turkish: Turkey
  • Filipino: The Philippines
  • Vietnamese: Vietnam
  • Arabic: The Middle East and parts of Africa
  • Persian: Iran
  • Afrikaans: South Africa
  • Tamil: India, Sri Lanka, and parts of Southeast Asia
  • Thai: Thailand