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Filename Mekanism-1.15.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded May 4, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2   +2
Size 6.77 MB
Downloads 93,291
MD5 5059d4da534783cfddac8fa2c3a5c22e
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


32bb869 - Add null check to prevent #6100
ac6154a - Shift update tile warning messages to 'info' level, given the only known culprit being a known, non-important race condition with transmitters
547b649 - Slightly cleanup the safety check for turbine casing
6bc21d7 - Make Mekanism Tools repair materials be based off of tags rather than our specific items #6105
513572e - Properly validate duration parameter for the PRC Recipe Builder
45df7b0 - New Crowdin translations (#6099)
1993267 - Fix checking wrong secondary position for the advanced solar generator during placement #6110
a79bbad - Fix the diversion transporter disconnecting due to redstone #6109 and not properly updating due to the redstone reactivity mode set. Also fix the path finding not knowing when a path becomes valid/invalid due to the diversion transporter changing
1ac697e - Handle the container sync management entirely ourselves rather than allowing vanilla to handle it to ensure that there are no desyncs #6106. Also fix SyncableItemStack not checking NBT
e29526e - Fix not registering that a key is down just due to the gui screen not passing the press to the keybinding #6085
ae4b815 - Fix & improve TransitRequest/InvStack slot handling (#6115)
f3110d4 - Fix energy cubes not going in full energy slots #6119
27ee909 - Add in some patch code to be able to recheck transmitter connections if a block stops having a capability accessible and only invalidates the capability rather than also providing a neighbor update
0b3c49e - Make sure to check that the transmitter that was listening is not removed before attempting to refresh connections
a1772c4 - Fix ore generation config bounds (#6125), adjust turbine formation logic (#6121), fix energy conversion config naming and Gas Generator generation rate miscalculation (#6126)
eae823a - (Add missing changes)
ba2a4d7 - More advanced tracking for the oredictionificator filter so that it properly persists if the order of elements change between reloads/restarts #6118
4382509 - Improve logging for mismatched stack size
94a99a2 - Update dependencies, and mappings, and bump min required forge version to fix hopper's interaction with bins #6072
30664e9 - New Crowdin translations (#6116)
2dd7e07 - Bump version to 9.10.2

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