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Filename Mekanism-1.15.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Feb 16, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 7.46 MB
Downloads 66,922
MD5 514c4059bebafa168bd624140b2ca3db
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Warning: Mekanism is currently in alpha, and is not recommended for widespread use in modpacks. There are likely to be game breaking bugs, and updating from one alpha to the next may cause various mekanism blocks to disappear/void their contents. While we will try to not have this happen/keep it to a minimum make sure to make backups. You can read more about the alpha state of this project here.
e15d1c0 - Make sure our fluids have an overlay (for now just use water's), so that they look decent when against glass. Also make our glass styled blocks use the overlay so that they look nice under water #5840
24d06a8 - Fix a few tiles for reactor's being marked as "invalid" for the block they are for due to forgetting to give them the correct block
ed992db - Make our recipe type's toString method return the registry name, as this is likely what vanilla is doing when I copied their implementation and I had forgotten that creating a resource location with no domain automatically adds minecraft to it. CrT for its json integration uses the toString method to figure out the name to use for the serializer
6b60eea - Cherry pick minor parts of to cleanup the handling of fluids and chemicals over the network
c9154b4 - Cleanup/fix how we distribute some of the packets
8fb41af - Fix extracting from public personal chests from the bottom face #5859
06d7b80 - update zh_tw (#5856)
1a42e18 - Remove old .lang file for zh_tw
d8131e5 - Use ITeleporter again to properly set various elements when changing dimensions, and unify some entity and player teleportation code #5857
ac032d2 - Remove no longer used packet
4848caf - Cleanup how we make the robit's light and eyes glow, and also fix the robit rendering facing the opposite direction the robit was actually facing
05ec560 - Finish converting the robit's smelting interface to use the energized smelter's recipe list and recipe system. It still could use some cleanup but for the most part it works properly now
569947d - Start work on rewriting the back end of how data is synced to the client in regards to containers. When finished this system should reduce both packet frequency and overall size of packets sent to players with mekanism containers open
dbbc0bb - Cleanup a bit more of the backend and create a system to batch updates that happened at the same time into a single packet. Also create classes for making it easier to sync, fluid stacks, gas stacks, and infusion stacks.
c1e46e3 - Fix side config not properly disabling capabilities when set to none. #5864
0eb5b3b - Run a block update when modifying a block's side config with a Configurator
e5c19ed - Re-implement Configurator rotation This was only meant to be used for Mekanism machines, hence the hard check for Mekanism tiles (line 155)
6a3602a - Fix having forgotten to register a couple packets, and finish making it so factories have all their container sync stuff happen via the new syncing methods. Also fix a few issues with checking if a stack is dirty
7e3eea8 - Improve build.gradle to only not cache the mods.toml file instead of all resources
4f72570 - Convert the upgrades gui to being synced via the new container sync system. We still for now manually sync any muffling upgrades when that amount changes, as the client cares about the number of muffling upgrades even when not in the gui. Also fix installing/removing muffling upgrades not properly updating the sound in a world that has daylight cycle disabled
6103719 - Make it a bit easier for containers to manage/sync enums and fix the security mode in factories not being properly synced/updated
ca25869 - Only sync amount for fluid and chemical stacks when the type did not change.
886d878 - Cleanup code pertaining to factories: - Remove RecipeType (in favor of FactoryType) - Remove the ability to change the type of an existing factory, as factories no longer all have the same number of slots or even chemical tanks. Note: For now the recipe type slots are still being internally added for purposes of not breaking inventory loading until the next time we end up breaking it anyways - Moved the factories' gas and infusion tanks to the proper subclasses
cf7eaed - Fix not taking speed upgrade changes into account for secondary energy per tick
1c63d26 - Fix Entangloporter model, make Entangloporter update neighbors when toggling frequencies for transmitter connectivity
3cf78ff - Do some cleanup reducing the number of individual classes needed for new container types, and instead have them just be MekanismTileContainer's directly
68cd490 - Fix quantum entangloporter item transport
54bd60d - Fix a few transporter filters trying to initialize the stack preview before a filter is set #5863
169825c - Reimplement trusted security mode making it store things based off of UUIDs rather than names. This will make it so that it can be properly persistent if a user changes their name #5861
bbfeb76 - Fixed Seismic Reader (#5835), fix QE crash
60ae332 - Fix insert prediction not taking into account the type of items we already have en route to a slot. #5865
c717de3 - Fix GuiScrollList drag scrolling
ba352d9 - Fix frequencies not consistently saving to the same world, now they save to the overworld given they are global anyways. Also fixed the FrequencyManagers being reset before saving, thus causing no frequencies to be properly persisted. #5868
8b3b40c - Fixed Security Desk item render
452395c - Triple heat boost from adjacent lava for Heat Generator
1be6c54 - Fix JEI for many machines
fb4e940 - Cleanup a bit of code for sending packets to player's using tiles to only have to create the packet a single time, and only do so if there are players using it
9b537d6 - Reformat code and cleanup unused imports, and unflatten some imports that got combined into *
ec4f62e - Cleanup various parts of the code having to do with container syncing moving our various tiles to our new syncing system. - Fixed a few block state/model files where we were accidentally still trying to use forge's blockstate texture override system - Added support for syncing item stacks via our container sync system
8039387 - Minor cleanup to the formulaic assemblicator
6f86594 - Fix thermal evaporation controller not changing textures
94c8539 - Fix bug introduced when fixing controller texture, causing incorrect calculations to take place when it is initially loaded as "active". Also fixes the issue of the thermal evaporation plant incorrectly taking temperature into consideration #5832
9468385 - Fix accidental removal of a few set's being linked. This caused transmitter networks not to sync to not always sync to the client properly #5869
0bda031 - Fix incorrect assumption that a block may not know how to accept fluid just because it does not have a tank #5871
c807290 - Fix wrong lang string being used for the logistical sorter's auto eject
038ce08 - Fix recipes with secondary usage per tick not working properly if the exact amount needed is supplied. #5596
ba56aea - Bump required forge version minorly to fix lighting of buckets, and also update mappings
fe18d2a - Make sure to only move a single stack item into the recipe, and invert some if else statements to reduce negations
673bfa8 - Add integration for ProjectE so that our machine's recipes are able to be mapped. #5876 - Sawmill recipe mapper is disabled by default due to causing things like charcoal's emc value to disappear (due to being able to make charcoal out of wood dust which has a very low sub singular EMC value) - Values for our various ingots are set the same way ProjectE defaulted them in 1.12 - Currently energy costs are not taken into consideration for how much a recipe costs
df1cfb0 - Fix using tabs instead of spaces in the ProjectE mappers due to copying a base template from one I made in ProjectE
cbdf284 - Use separate classes to properly avoid class loading issues for ISTERs on servers, rather than using the hack that is OnlyIn
fe7a4ad - Fix slightly wrong math for the sawmill recipe mapper
c236687 - Bump version to 9.9.10

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