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Filename Mekanism-1.12.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Aug 4, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 7.50 MB
Downloads 342,713
MD5 d5ec8eaf21f89bfb2c50cacb9efb1342
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Java 8


fdaaabb - Update gradle to 4.8.1
cb72dc7 - Update dependencies
cbd82f9 - Fix warnings for build.gradle
403cdaa - Reconnect pipes across chunks when the chunk loads. Fixes #5583 (#5584)
d9b58b5 - Code cleanup (#5582)
efbcdca - Fix unused enableFog GL call. Fixes #5579 compatibility with BetterFPS' Fast fog mode
31f3277 - A small deduplication of the OreDictManager (#5577)
bebcee0 - Move all references to energy conversion ratios to their own class rather than duplicating the logic across multiple classes
ba41475 - Partial fix for #5576. Stopped it from overflowing though at some point the EnergyNetwork should still be updated to having capacity be a double.
4fbd1d8 - Fix lang keys for dumping excess and dumping being backwards #5594
9ccdaa3 - Fix being able to break nether portals by hand #5590
50d15fb - The server has to be the side that tells the client to open the gui, fixes #5593
f887183 - Fix potential null pointer when using the result of TransporterStack#getSide
c2910fc - Fixes Oredictionificator Filter not initializing properly. #5597
9c76c68 - Fix using wrong side for getting capability
0f5ef4e - Make EnergyNetwork capacity be a double (#5589)
034340e - Cleanup Tools Module code (#5578)
8082d64 - Bump version to 9.8.1

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