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Filename Mekanism-1.12.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Jul 5, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 7.57 MB
Downloads 1,692,509
MD5 c0418214cf545dbbaf57573d2e998a8c
Supported Java Versions
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


9e181fa - es_es.lang update and fixes (#5528)
a122434 - add more debugging info for bad itemhandler  assertion
f00fe44 - Prevent OreDict queries from creating empty entries since some mods don't check that. Closes #5524
5d17d70 - Reworked PipeUtils and GasUtils side access (#5529)
d217a54 - Ignore amounts for inputItemMatches (#5532)
de705af - Added checks for is block loaded to several methods (#5533)
c3be258 - Overwrite getBlockFaceShape for various blocks (#5539)
3750d42 - Fix null tile warnings from logistical sorters not connected to things on both sides when set to auto.
0557a8b - Fix various height checks for the different solar devices
05166ee - Assemblicator Fixes for Transforming recipes (#5542)
7a726f3 - Merge PR IFluidHandlerWrapper implementation cleanup. Closes #5551
ac70101 - Merge PR Optimized Component Ejector. Closes #5537 Additional: half tickDelay in ejector component since we're only ejecting on a timer now
f34ecd4 - bump version to 9.7.9

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Mekanism-1.12.2- 101.79 KB Jul 5, 2019

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