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Filename Mekanism-1.12.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Jun 3, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 7.57 MB
Downloads 59,473
MD5 52afad24c5b839eaef1d544c015bc6e5
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65ed1cf - some turbine nullable fluidstack fixes. Closes #5485
253be28 - minor nullable annotation for completeness
99df6a3 - Fix creative gas tank actually withdrawing gas when auto eject is false and a tube is pulling out of it
8861e52 - Finish the Recipe generics port
7438ad4 - Use Recipe Generics in more places, and some general readability improvements (#5490)
eb2de11 - Check ItemStack NBT for comparison in more places (#5491)
72951d2 - Cleanup a bit of infusion code (#5493)
d19f1cd - Transporter performance improvements (#5488)
cab79bf - attempt to fix race conditions with FoamFix parallel model loading, crash if fields aren't found (
68b448b - fix incorrect ArrayList constructor usage
d4e2724 - bump version

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