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Filename Mekanism-1.12.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded May 2, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 7.55 MB
Downloads 15,402
MD5 9d4bd78829a7785c02638d09f3a013e9
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Java 9
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14bd97e - Give the CrT mekRecipes command a proper description
03cc33f - As we disable capabilities when a side config has them disabled we need to notify the neighbor of an update when a side's config changes. (#5426)
485ee89 - Fix a few missing fluid color renders for various guis (#5424)
fe8233c - Fix Crash when adding a dot or a E to the Laser Amplifier Delay. (#5430)
74e168e - Mark BinRecipe as dynamic. Removes Caliper Air warning closes #5174
c1832d8 - Fix Advanced purifying factory not having the lights be on. Closes #5223
10a7be5 - IDE assisted Nullable annotations for RecipeHandler
f6d3d74 - Check for null recipe in factory input slot. Fixes #5434
ba89f44 - Actually obey the update cache param, and use the more advanced helper method in Container as well
99977f8 - Properly set the metallurgic infuser to empty, fixes #5439
dccc32d - Check NBT for factory sorting. Fixes #5436
9692deb - Fix desync between server and client for personal chest. Fixes #5438
075673f - Improve Compat with TOP (#5427)
445556f - Use security utils for checking access to teleporter and quantum entangloporter (#5431)
b3663a3 - Emitting logic overhaul (#5422)
14d6070 - Add some more ore processing compatibility (#5445)
36aa81d - Add support for configuring machine energy storage. (#5418)
36d1a9c - Always request a render update because the rotation may have changed. Fixes #4942
d5db11e - Port #4952 by @danielzgtg Item drop compatibility (#5384)
faef156 - bump version to 9.7.3

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