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Filename Mekanism-1.12.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Apr 12, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 9f972f01451d096d7f7cd02f68e13c67
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a79a3e1 - Update applied energistics API reference
8d3f8df - Updating to; naming fixes where necessary
4f5d2a0 - Revert fe9a0e660077cc8f374aabfca029f30a1582495e; fixes item rendering on Digital Miner and various other custom item models
8d2f22a - Fix #5269; the CustomItemModelFactory was a wrapper that didn't actually implement all the methods
21d515c - Tweak name to add Dz suffix; enable passing version in from command-line
241ffb7 - Overhaul build/release to use tags
98ec02f - Add builds for MDZ Generators and Tools
aa6fba0 - prevent NPE in Thermal Evap Container. Fixes #5089
8d48274 - fix a missed y level check for security desk
390eac1 - prevent oredictionarificator from receiving a vertical facing. Fixes #5093
7f594d7 - use fakeplayer for canSilkHarvest. Fixes #5090
8e733cc - Add energized smelter to smelting catalyst
001a53a - Fixed armor spawning checks firing when they shouldn't.
4f7db32 - don't create a tag compound just to attempt to read from it
da0497b - try to avoid creating an nbt tag where its only going to be read
b879158 - move log on cardboard box blacklist outside loop
6dda1b3 - supply player arg to getPickBlock in Atomic Disassembler Finder. fixes #5146 & closes #5178
a86540a - Fix #2; another mod tried to apply potion effects to the fake player causing NPE
9475b27 - Fix issue #4; when updating function calls for latest forge in 8d3f8df49c4438f3e2c0b877cd2fe8fcfebb7347, API was inadvertently broken
42f1de4 - Make sure to check for null INSTANCE; world unload event can happen before ANY world is loaded
90939ad - Fix #5285; chunk loader was writing [xyz] as key and reading [xyz]Coord
6cae14f - Fix #7; standardize bronze to 1 tin, 3 copper = 4 bronze
c6e05db - Fix #5152; removed markDirty() call from TileEntityBasicBlock::onChunkLoad
ea30a94 - Fix #5114; enhance ja_jp.lang
8da2d2d - Fix #12; disable recipes and registration of factory-related blocks when a machine is disable
53181aa - Fix #8; standardize block of charcoal to 16000 tick time
f053910 - Remove voice server functionality; there's plenty of other systems out there that do this (and better)
2bd7bfc - Fix #5290; do a double-block update for cardboard boxes to ensure double-block structures can update
ec52e9f - Update to depend on more recent (slightly) JEI
d2b905d - Remove vestigal voice related stuff; not yet removing walkie talkies as that _could_ break worlds
c78ae6d - Fix #15; completely overhaul the sound system to mirror Minecraft usage
f675590 - Improvements to fix for #15; smooth out sounds and detect ongoing attempts to muffle
62aa90d - Reduce sounds from 30 seconds+ (8 MB!!!) down to 2-3 seconds
fb14fba - Cleanup CraftTweaker integration code
6d4d683 - Fix JEI rendering of gasses made of fluids that are only colored through a tint
a148f71 - Easier changing of gas colors
c68c8d3 - Fix CrT remove running before recipes are added
95ca29f - Squashed commit of the following:
af839e7 - Fix rendering of brine in ThermalEvaporationPlant
937bb92 - Fix Metallurgic Infuser JEI category being messed up when viewing all recipes
7902163 - Fix spam of Null Pointers
43b3221 - Add output of release type for visual inspection
c050324 - Make sure to handle state changes on main world thread
23ca584 - Transitioning a few files to Google format guidelines
61ed4e8 - Fix #31; Mekanism mufflers were not taken into account when machine first starts running
083c764 - Dedupe a bunch of code (#27)
3797775 - Remove unused hook checks
7ba682c - Overrides correct method for block explosions
a4fb8ac - Adding Google-style config for IDEA w/ 4 indents
c632cc6 - Move line length to 120
e0b7ea6 - The Great Reformat; moving to google-java-style w/ 4 space indent and 120 column line wrap
a28cf07 - Fix #30; pull out the update checkers and clean up related commands
8a1a762 - Fix #5242; if the item supports IC2 energy tier, try to charge it.
f6e13c2 - Consolidate charging logic for consistency
d203642 - add eye height for baby skeleton. Fixes #5258
61fd4fa - Use version of registerModEntity that adds egg for testing of baby skeleton
56cc74a - Fixes
f4b7866 - Only register JEI categories if the machine that they are for is enabled
c62da0a - Remove walkietalkie recipe
ebd689a - Made refined glowstone and obsidian nuggets/ingots use correct ore dict entry Fixes
46359bb - Move entity registration to corresponding RegistryEvent Fixes
de0ab0d - Muffler calculation was backwards in case where the machine is not upgradeable
c92069f - Fix #5209; now using FluidStacks everywhere, including all more efficient encodings over network
18c4875 - Remove unused imports
a6f5757 - Add SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) annotation to gui's missing it (#47)
642a289 - Only don't do custom rendering if it would cause a crash (#38)
a22d39b - Fix method not using mapped variant.
d66a5b9 - Fix accidentally using wrong subclass
e06076f - Dedupe a small amount of code for Containers
f8b162b - Fix a few containers being offset
d8b6dfb - Don't hard code some machines to specific gas types
54ead15 - Remove unused method from GuiDoubleElectricMachine
c861c5e - Fix having broken the acceptance ability of Dissolution chamber
b5240bd - Fix gas color rendering in guis
3d6b202 - Make plank oreDict not hit the same entries multiple times
bd5d064 - Fix error logging of gas stacks.
704a9b5 - Fix AdvancedMachineInput CrT JEI stuff being backwards
c042185 - Move recipe registration to the Recipe Registry Event
dcd4407 - Support for removing all built in recipes of a type via CraftTweaker
75c5148 - Fix #40; remove per-client tick check of capes, when donation list wasn't even used
4381be1 - Dss mekanica rename (#50)
5a4c86d - Don't add InventorySlots to ContainerNull Fixes #11
6afbd88 - Improve CraftTweaker logging of gases
13f3db8 - CraftTweaker gases sub command. Implements #10
ce1e1b3 - Add CraftTweaker infuseType command
68fae3e - Fix #9; add a blacklist for wind generation in the config file
9b675b8 - Make sure we are checking blacklist on proper event so an initial packet is sent out to client in MP.
67a6e09 - use oredict in mekanism tools (#29)
9e91142 - Fixes CrT removal of sawmill and separator. #31
261d2c3 - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
6ad9a4d - CraftTweaker mekrecipe command to print all recipes of a machine
8c79bac - Jei tooltips (#33)
2c6d666 - Improve performance by reducing unnecessary lighting updates (#32)
227e581 - Remove dead code (#34)
2834ec0 - Add explicit target for uploading to CF
b309312 - null check FluidStack in turbine vent, closes #45
84b59ee - Update color of Iron and Silver slurry to be differentiable from Tin
f65682a - Added a few new constructors to OreGas to make creating them easier
b4251d2 - Fix #57; added dependency on cofhcore so wrenches load properly
714a18e - Initial pass at killing BakedCustomItemModel and using TEISR Bump Min Req Forge to Need to clean up the registration, and fix fluid tank rendering
d065249 - Fix color leaking from ModelFluidTank
89cd707 - Fluid Rendering, works for the most part except height doesn't line up
6876a9f - Reference source
43c89ac - Fix fluid tank rendering
d859dda - Clean up TEISR registration
f796eb5 - Bump forge slightly further to 2639 as 2638 is a broken build for servers
a6ac90e - Cleanup ClientProxy a bit
e2fd77f - Make the wind generator item spin
e1606f8 - Pass the stack to the item specific rendering code
fb98a28 - Make resistive heater, and heat generator glow if they have stored power
9d72d83 - Render digital miner "on" screen if it has power
75835ad - Improved rendering of the Wind Generator in spots other than mainhand
7d1350a - Pass Transform data to the various item renders
96d0fc9 - Less duplicate calculations for wind generator rendering
87588af - Improve rendering directions of Security Desk
818cb13 - Make offhand third person render of flamethrower not be as broken looking It still is a little weird but it is much better
5466982 - Improve rendering of digital miner item outside of gui
2b8411b - Render Energy Core in Energy Cube Item's that have power
88b52a6 - Overhaul /mek commands; add support for teleporting, test rules and chunk watching
6815611 - Adding chunk flush command to force chunks to unload
f6b13ec - Fix #67; remove extraneous logging
4e9c5a9 - Fix #64; remove unnecessary keybindings for voice server
2e80367 - Use proper forge teleport methods
368ddf2 - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into teleport
640801e - Fix #65; some machines generate one-time block events -- updated filter accordingly.
2634f39 - Use proper AE2 FE attunement
17c5287 - Fix #5110, #3718, #4226; Advanced bounding blocks were setting miner block to air if chunk wasn't loaded :/
f2c7abc - Change info to warn, per review request
c1097fb - Require explicit joules/tesla designation for those units; default is now RF.
1f9d196 - Update min forge version in proper file this time
7ee510d - Fixed TE registration Based off of
db1e5b9 - Sort tile entity registration by name
7257e2e - Remove dependence on MTLib for CraftTweaker Integration
ae2619c - Minor cleanup
3942422 - Honor client.enableMachineSounds to address
6ea8854 - Add support for editing changelog
3d73604 - Cleanup some code in case something gives null fluid stacks
0f1fbfc - reduce size of fluid tank texture
c2d42ad - reduce size of pressurised reaction chamber (python does mess up json formatting though...
2c912fe - convert logistical_sorter
8e7938a - fix file size increase
3976a9f - reduce chemical infuser texture
a9e96a9 - remove direction options in conversion script as textures must be square
b8787f8 - Update dependencies for dev environment to have latest versions
10e741a - Fix depreated method usage for JEI
e3c182e - Add Deprecated annotation to methods overriding a deprecated method
0018ac6 - Fix various Deprecated method calls
a90c9ad - Use, not
0453584 - Overhaul solar generation to be more realistic; helps with #46
3fd7540 - Overhaul solar neutron activator to use better sun/rain detection. Reduce network traffic by 50% by ensuring we only send updates every second
4fa5aa4 - remove unnecessary duplication of cable ends, textures are still huge though
1fe3814 - fix extra conversions
6734017 - add back missing slash
b28eb1e - Use getSunBrightnessFactor, not getSunBrightness :/
16d6923 - Fix crash with bucketmode for fluid tanks.
784c63d - Remove scanning of every TE on chunk load; only turbine rotors needed it.
04a4cdf - Remove IChunkLoadHandler interface
56831ed - Rework rotors to only track their own number of blades, thus avoiding n^2 packet updates on chunk load, multiblock formation and neighbor block changes
cd5fe20 - Gui cleanup (#74)
a945127 - Reference correct gui superclass. Fixes error in compiling
0f1f4a4 - Make sure to reset color when rendering fusion reactor
ccd7ed0 - Fix #72; turns out the sound handling in SP has race conditions
a4e453e - Fix #53; add support for comparators on bins
4b54adc - More closely mirror comparator calculations of fluid tank and gas tank
a446777 - Cleanup JEI registration
1c592ec - Cleanup some JEI gui code
790ce78 - No need to store the temp recipe
7c6441a - Cleanup background handling of JEI categories
d7c1a0c - Minor cleaning
38a007e - Rename noisy block -> effect block; move activity/block update logic into it
ebfe103 - Move activity/lighting update tracking up into TileEntityEffects block
7813d39 - Remove activity tracking in favor of logic in TileEntityEffectsBlock
7b71328 - Use accessor for getActive
99b67d9 - Remove unnecessary logic from Laser
0e773f1 - remove duped overlay textures
d52e98a - dedupe enrichment chamber textures
d84e8c7 - clean up bin textures (blockstate/models could probably be cleared up a bit too)
21017ef - Don't reference main class from API package
ad6007a - Prioritize IItemHandler over IInventory as it is the newer standard
66d218a - Fix #85; make sound so that it keeps running at least 10 ticks after machine stops to better deal with per-tick flipflops. Also revert ccd7ed0; UX got too weird.
b7af20f - Fix induction cells not keeping their charge on upgrade. closes #5078
e34e92a - Promote RecipeHandler.Recipe to a generic class
610254c - Fix using wrong recipe category string in places, and broken IMC
a2b2cb4 - Cleanup solars UI
3e4c777 - Fix some direct references of Mekanism from lang entries. (Main one being creative tab menu)
09c182e - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into lang_entries
19fcb31 - Use isBurning instead of isActive to play sound
172bbff - add config to stop particles spawning on multiblock formation (#61)
8bb52cc - Change lang key to use requested key
2d974ce - Update
42b027c - Update issue templates
1199693 - Update issue templates
ce61984 - Delete old issue template
982695c - Create
6a7fbfc - Fix location of Digital Miner and Laser Fake Players, for BlockBreakEvent Closes #98
071e521 - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
bfe38cc - Fix potential null pointer closes #96
f4ab343 - Add support for adding recipes via Compound Ingredients/OreDict Note: This just automatically adds all the entries for now, rather than requiring you to loop over it yourself.
59f4438 - Fix #101; Unidict has a strong dependence on a more specific type
ce8ae9f - fix untextured break particles on some bins
2a5ee6c - remove space
b55fb42 - Fix some tiles outputting gas to the wrong side
83d0c81 - Fixes incomplete IItemHandler impl of lots of tile entities closes #102
1a05fc9 - Implement isItemValidForSlot for ItemHandlers and obey it for inserting
1b6cfd3 - Address comments on PR
5a67067 - Update config to include comments (#108)
9fefd1b - Add missing config comment for ChemicalDissolutionChamberUsage
5dd3cf3 - Add reference to YourKit
392b7c2 - remove and inline methods
224d89a - make sure recipeUtils works for all crafting grids
b511470 - remove unused imports
a392514 - Remaster sounds to all be -30dBFS; remove per-object sound volume; honor config setting for volume adjustment
020c85c - reformat json files to be more readable (#120)
3b35315 - replace custom string wrapping with vanilla method (#128)
ff9c32f - cleanup stackutils (#127)
81c74e1 - Cleaned up some repeated bulk in models (#107)
f6933b6 - Overhaul how logistics networks estimate what can fit in the network (#124)
ac371de - Logistical Transporter Performance Work (#116)
cd52564 - Keep trying to send stacks even if one won't fit.
987894c - Reduce idle tick time on DigitalMiner by removing constant refreshing of chunk set
934788e - Transit request overhaul (#135)
8c276b6 - IInventory automation removal (#132)
2e16622 - Overhaul InvStack to be more efficient, better designed and thoroughly documented. Also, add in sanity checks to IItemHandler wraps so we can fix any potential issues.
c07ecda - warning fixes, cleanups
0574e98 - properly add items to InvStack
2ed0028 - Utility method for throwing IItemHandler exceptions
d7a0afd - Fix being unable to connect logistical transporters to top of Bins
308d5f5 - fix #143
9be9834 - Only do multiblock form message/particles if within 10 blocks of the multiblock
334e9a4 - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
ccaa88a - Touchups
cbd2aab - Fixes IC2 complaining about unregistering without registering fixes #146 (#147)
e4b70fa - dustObsidian added as crushing recipe
d5f41f7 - Remove obsidian crushing recipe, up enrichment recipe of obsidian from 2 dust to 4.
cf8a92c - Use per-stack IDs for batch deletes in network protocol (#141)
b4adb6d - Easier disabling of capabilities, and support for offset capabilities
b8ae592 - Better handling of if energy should be allowed to connect
1f5353b - Obey the configuration tabs of various machines
5822c3c - Disable capability for a couple other tiles
cf8ef8a - Move configuration capability checking from CapabilityUtils to TileEntityComponentConfig
8c102b8 - Implement isItemValid check for BinItemHandler (only is true for slot 0) Also have the custom interfaces extend ICapabilityProvider
5cf9551 - Add some JavaDocs to the new Capability Interfaces
c9f4a90 - Allow bins to be accessed from all sides
66d0bca - Remove usage of TUBE_CONNECTION_CAPABILITY, in favor of using toggleable capabilities
ed9dedd - Remove a lot of the unchecked cast warnings around capabilities
97421bd - Fix dupe bug caused by the offset capabilities
6a0f8e3 - Fix #5329 Check against homeLocation when finding TransporterStack acceptors; also, don't allow inventory insertion/extraction of things in charge slot for Digital Miner
883a736 - Create es_ES.lang
32eccde - Rename all Mekanica -> Mekanism
64268b7 - Update
5074a0b - Replace mekanica with mekanism
6a1657e - Fix some desync in data between server and client active states of blocks
890bc95 - Fix #5156; if protection is disabled, always return true on access checks (#5342)
0b060ea - Box blacklist (#5345)
5b0814e - Port 486e5d451 clamp int for forge energy wrapper
41d4db1 - Port d8fa091c5 dont do distance calculation when teleporting between dimensions
610d65f - Translation to Spanish! (#5337)
5a2a902 - Port 32b040353 and keep track of active modes via uuid's instead of names (#5348)
7704846 - Port 25ca41e5e allow custom item matching in recipe inputs. closes #5241 closes
b0f9e1b - Cleanup up mcmod credits/authors; set required forge version to latest recommended
17708ce - Fix TransporterStack home locations & DM inventory interaction (#5335)
df67af2 - When creating fluids from gases set their alpha value to no transparency (#5353)
6e3b3fc - Change thermal evap controller check to not recurse. Fixes #5334
9456b68 - Introduce bounds to search for sparkles! (#5343)
9f61f76 - Update es_es.lang
6ae6495 - Port of fcbdb51c9; implement PlayerOrderedCallback so that player-specific tickets load properly
18784b9 - Port of 41e1f52a7; remove assert closes #5208
5c03e9c - fix keybinding repeat flag, per
a3ae187 - Port factory insertion (#5346)
4ea79c5 - Port a7fbfff75 fix energy cubes missing the spinny cube on load/enter-area (#5359)
1a622ca - Update dev environment version of forge
88a86cf - Port AE2 gradle changes, commits e3a2fa1cc and 5aabf2653 (#5362)
29951ae - Ported metallurgy ore doubling and cyclic integration stuff (#5358)
ec7144b - Port 8de559998 ensure some edge cases with GasTank stack having 0 amount can't happen (#5361)
7e3cfb8 - Port 5d205e725 put recipe values as an immutable list (#5366)
b82a74c - Port 8e7a313a2 fix missing texture warnings (#5365)
1e5e853 - Disable some capabilities in missed spots (#5364)
5a94235 - Port 2d9d5463a make BlockBounding a little more aware of mainPos triggering infinite recursion
efc8498 - Make ChargeUtils easier to read Change order of attempted energy types to: Ours Forge RF Tesla IC2
5610520 - Port 047c8303a Fall back to FMLCommonHandler if world is not WorldServer where we otherwise expected it to be
2ffd310 - Use correct label for feature request type issues
4285b4c - Port 588fc13ce Add some null safety for EnergyWrapperAcceptor(s).
5aabc45 - Port ce18f1043 Use less world access in digital miner thread
2074a6a - Port 6c6c21a96 fix once-off sound event playing using volume option for pitch
88eae4f - Port a couple missed commits (#5376)
a1e0688 - Make many more Mekanism fluid renderers Stack aware for NBT purposes (#5360)
a776879 - Readd voice server (#5374)
9d98ef5 - Port config rewrite (#5378)
379d4b5 - prevent z fighting when bio gen has low fuel levels
d6a0d98 - Fix JEI error from a circular enum dependency
7ae0a4d - port tesr pull (#5380)
8a03828 - Port first part of #5327 implementing #4688 disable free runners while sneaking Credits to @ToMe25
fcef0e2 - Fix logistical transporters attempting to connect to chargepads
8a468d0 - Gradle merge (#5382)
f828afb - Add support for left/right alignment of HUD; improve contrast by using a light color (#5385)
a1b3290 - Slightly change the wording of the MultiblockFormParticles
0eb455b - missed removing makefile
da71637 - Port ToMe25's PR for sawing factories (#5383)
8bc38d4 - Avoid scheduling a sound to be played if it's fully muffled. (#5386)

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