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Filename Mekanism-1.12.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Mar 24, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 15.17 MB
Downloads 5,965
MD5 d728f0d805e0e8bf8284f7f7c4361f08
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588fc13 - Add some null safety for EnergyWrapperAcceptor(s). Closes #5252
955d66d - Fixes Gas Color rendering in machine Gui's (#5300)
8de5599 - ensure some edge cases with GasTank stack having 0 amount can't happen
6934e8b - Blacklist storage drawers block from cardboard box. Closes #5183
47d1972 - rename errant srg name. (a22d39b20e1644546dc8f703ffd7c591db9625bb)
41e1f52 - remove assertion, closes #5208
ebf1542 - remove more IC2 item assumptions
52d809b - use convenience methods for blacklisting
fcbdb51 - more chunkloader fixes
9683b77 - update dev environment forge
5c8251d - Update many dependencies to the newest supporting 1.12.0
d2f0c24 - change metallurgy modid to the v4 project
c1aaf24 - more dev dependency updates
b2f8a3a - add Deprecated annotation to methods overriding a deprecated method
3d99b60 - Mass JEI deprecation cleanup
b650e0e - More deprecation, mostly Cap registration
ce18f10 - Use less world access in digital miner thread. Closes #5295
e6cf312 - Config comments
d8fa091 - dont do distance calculation when teleporting between dimensions
c6adfda - fix metallurgic infuser JEI display confusion
847e780 - metallurgy ore doubling
d303295 - Move all version number references to gradle based
086d739 - Made refined glowstone and obsidian nuggets/ingots use correct ore dict entry Fixes #5055
41006c7 - use oredict in mekanism tools
2d0454e - apply glowstone obsidian fix to ye old recipe generator
3700840 - fix ae2 forge power attunement
790f990 - Generators modid constant
5f67633 - fix tile IDs from incurring forge's wrath
8e7a313 - fix missing texture warnings
35a25af - use proper mc/forge teleport methods, force player update. closes #5224
54e80b3 - use reg name & metadata to hash itemstacks
25ca41e - allow custom item matching in recipe inputs. closes #5241
f010733 - Massive config structure refactor to make it much easier to work with
2d9d546 - make BlockBounding a little more aware of mainPos triggering infinite recursion. closes #5302
70b137e - make digital miner max radius configurable
127c4c2 - fix null fluidstack in drain implementations
d9194c6 - avoid syncing config at all when singleplayer
098472a - make voice output properly sleepy
016e425 - add wind generator blacklist
e7e84cc - add min/max for digital miner config
f76ecd1 - ore gen options
b011700 - bump version & add release note
8ab5e02 - QOL improvement of sawdust drop chance config and sticks to sawdust
d71da53 - fix builder pattern of restart options
bc38234 - set sawdust configs to require game restart (for now)
a2cf0c5 - fix crash when submods arent installed. closes #5310
35db737 - blacklist ic2 TEs from cardboard box, they dont come out right on unbox. closes #5230
4e8499d - change build.gradle to work off the system. changed the tesla maven to https and updated grgit
cf9d6ae - version bump
cdb87f1 - manually repeat sounds to give mufflers more chance to block/muffle. closes #5144, #2741
a7fbfff - fix energy cubes missing the spinny cube on load/enter-area. closes #5185
d10cc74 - fix unfillable dynamic tank
32b0403 - rewrite item active maps to use UUIDs instead of names, attempt to cache some things & optimise
bdd1a8c - conditionally register jei stuff based on machines enabled
2669b24 - promote Recipe enum to a proper class with proper generics
ebb0c46 - dont set main multiblock position to air if its not loaded or not the right tile. Log if its not null but not what we expect. closes #5110
48c7498 - version bump
61c64f0 - Fix induction cells not keeping their charge on upgrade. closes #5078
6c6c21a - fix once-off sound event playing using volume option for pitch. Closes #5143
551b48c - Use ItemHandler first priority in logistics pipes
49b550a - fix gas tank & bin tiers reading the wrong defaults. closes #5313
d6e0875 - use constants or Recipe field for JEI category Uids. closes #5314
7c50d1e - remove main class references from API package. closes #5166
6b69c82 - blacklist colossal chests from cardboard box. closes #5072
6b15d91 - Fix Logistic Pipes not working properly with IItemHandler. closes #5218
a2ea10c - add config options for multiblock sparkles, lower the default considerably. closes #5307 closes #5085
c368692 - another recursion to iteration fix
d502419 - tweak the config comment for multiblock sparkles a little
9b4c906 - version bump

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